How to Cope With Eating Disorders During the Holidays

If you're like me, you struggle with some kind of eating disorder whether it be anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, or any other disorder. The holidays are incredibly hard to deal with; worrying about how many calories you're eating, how much you eat, or losing control and binging while struggling to decide whether to purge or not. Here are some tips from me, a coping anorexic, and EnvyMaliceMikki to help you get through the holidays. Remember, you are not your eating disorder.

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by: Doppio

Inspired by EnvyMaliceMikki (advice from her)

Tip # 1

It's a time to enjoy the time you have with your family. An eating disorder will hinder that because you are constantly stuck in your head about what and how much you are eating. What can help is starting off with small portions of food, and pick out certain foods that you feel most comfortable with.

Tip # 2

Try not to overeat to the point where you feel way too full or terrible about the choice you made. If you end up binging, that's okay. Everybody binges during the holidays. The important thing is to focus more on being with people you care about to deter your mind from wanting to p*u*rge.

Tip # 3

Know that your eating disorder is going to make you feel absolutely terrible, no matter how much food you have. Its hard to do so, but try to, again, distract your mind so that you don't feel like s*h*it in the moment. Regardless, come to terms with the fact that unfortunately, you will feel terrible later.

Tip # 4

Think of the holidays as a break from all the turmoil of your eating disorder. Convince your mind to focus on being happy in the moment.

Tip # 5

Remind yourself that a variety of foods is a good thing, that you need the nutrients.

Tip #6

Have your therapist, friend, or loved one's number ready in case you need help coping with what you're feeling. Having someone you can talk to on demand is very helpful because it will help you clear your mind and put you on a more stable mindset.

Tip #7

Do not fast or purge on the days leading up to Thanksgiving or any other holiday. You will shock your body, especially with sugary or high carb foods. If you have been fasting, try to eat little by little on the days leading up so that your stomach gets used to eating a normal amount of food, and you;re less tempted to binge.

Tip #8

Shut down the voices in your head, distract your mind with people and activities, avoid triggering subjects. Remember that your problems are long lasting, but your family and friends aren't always going to be there.

Tip # 9

If you eat badly one day, it will *not* ruin your body. That is not how bodies work. One night of binging will not cause you to gain back 5 pounds. Any weight gained throughout the day is water weight and heavy meals. Your weight will go back down the next day when your body digests it. Do not weigh yourself after a meal. It will be discouraging

Tip # 10

DO not isolate yourself from everyone, you will end up regretting it later.

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