10 important steps to submit a winning essay

10 important steps to submit a winning essay

Once in your life someone will ask you to write an essay. Be it your academic task, a part of the exam or the paper for college admission - the knowledge of how to write a winning essay is vital.

Chapter 1

steps to submit a winning essay

If you follow these steps your success is guaranteed:

  1. Narrow your topic - you need to have a clear understanding of what you are going to write about. No matter who sets the topic, it should be precise and clear for you. Mind mapping is a helpful tool to use in case you feel a bit lost with defining the idea of your work.
  2. Choose the type of essay - yes, essays can have different styles and types. It may be a narrative, expository, or persuasive. It usually depends on the type of your task, so read it thoroughly. In case of any doubts, you can always ask your professor to make sure everything is fine.
  3. Research the question - the more you know, the better. This can help you come up with new ideas or maybe even structure your essay better. Loads of resources are open to you - the Internet, libraries, academic database, newspapers, etc. Related remark: know the requirements of your instructor and which sources they consider to be reliable. Don’t avoid reading Wikipedia for the general understanding of the topic, but consider some other sites if needed.
  4. Take notes - tracking the work flow is crucial especially in case of a research work. Noting down the facts and where they were taken from can simplify your work greatly.
  5.  Look over nicely written essays - the internet will provide you with tons of inspiration from other people’s assignments. There are even special tools you can use for the search and then enjoy (or not) the reading of good and bad essays, deciding on what you could take from them into your own work.

  1. Be unique - surely, you can use ideas of somebody else to support your arguments, but your essay should still remain unique, so make sure you took time to write a list of your own ideas. Mind mapping can help here as well. And take your time - this can be a time-consuming process, so take breaks when needed and go for a walk or have some tea - everything that is relaxing and refreshing for your mind.
  2. Write your thesis assertion - this will help summarize all the ideas you want to manifest. It should include both your topic and what you plan to present. This will help the reader to follow your train of thought as well. Mind that your statement shouldn’t be in a form of question and be written in the first person.
  3. Plan the essay - not only ideas you’ve gathered but the essay itself - it’s whole structure and the order of ideas and statements you are going to write about in the form of an outline (write topic sentences and bullet-pointed lists with supporting arguments).
  4. Begin with the body - this is the main and the longest part of your work which has limits, though. You don’t need to write lots of pages if the instructor requires several paragraphs. However, the so-called free writing can be helpful - just write everything you have in mind and edit the result afterward. Also, remember to stay focused on the main topic as it’s very easy to get off the track with this free writing.
  5. Proceed with a compelling title and introduction - this is what makes people want to read your essay. Don’t use cliches like “this essay is about…” - the reader will immediately get bored (and if it’s not your teacher, they will not finish reading it). Try using a quote relevant to the topic or the inverted pyramid formula. The completion is also important - it should be laconic, summing up all the ideas you spoke about in the main part. This is the way to make the reader remember you and your essay so make sure you nail the last sentence.

Now you are all armed with the knowledge of how to write a perfect essay and following these steps will ease your academic life greatly. You can also find some ideas for your essay on https://samples.edusson.com/. Enjoy the process of writing and amaze your future readers with excellent pieces of writing.


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