Your Biggest Fan

I know Nathaniel told me he doesn't make a big deal out of his birthday but I had the idea for this story for almost a month now

The song is a Nick Jonas song because I know he likes him actually it's a Jonas Brothers song but Nick wrote and sang the entire thing

This is originally fictional, it was inspired by Angela's book series I thought this could kinda be 'our story'

I hope it's ok and thank you for your time


Chapter 3

First Day Of Work

A few days later I woke up, got showered, dressed, styled my hair, brushed my teeth and placed on my shoes before making sure I had everything I would need for my first day on set then walked out into the main area of the apartment to see Chastity waiting for me

"We can stop for breakfast but I don't want to be late" she said

I nodded my understandIng excited but nervous not wanting to mess this up

We left the apartment and headed to the local diner for coffee and a couple of muffins

Afterwards we drove to the studio and Chastity parked before we headed inside

I was shocked the moment we arrived there were a lot of people waiting for our arrival, but I noticed none of them was a member of the Mikaelson family by blood or marriage. ... nothing

"People are busy, take a seat, I'll check you in" Chastity said

I nodded my understandIng, walked to a chair and sat down waiting with the other minor characters for my time to film my scenes

Chastity gave me a hug and walked upstairs to the confrence room to join the other writers about an hour in so I pulled my tablet from my bag knowing I might have to keep myself busy for a little while

It wasn't until after lunch the minor characters and the extras went home leaving just me and a couple of other people waiting for our turns

"You kept busy, good" i heard a voice say and I paused the episode I was watching to look up at the person

I smiled noticing it was Nathaniel as he came to sit in a seat not far from where I sat

"yeah, just watching old One Tree Hill episodes ... I'm not sure how they can kiss in the rain much less do it and not get sick" i said honestly

"maybe it wasn't really raining" Nathaniel said with a smirk causing me to giggle because how would that work, of course they had to make it look real

"So are you ready to start your first day?" He asked

I nodded understanding my character would be his characters' lover so of course I would be working with him

"I am" I said turing off the episode

I then placed my tablet back into my bag, stood up and followed Nathaniel to the soundstage where I was handed a script

"In cause you need help with your lines" Nathaniel said

I nodding once more and accepting the script

Nathaniel gave me a few minutes to look over the script and edit it if I felt i needed too before we started working on the scenes

That first day we worked more on the talking scenes than anything else

After a few hours we had finished all the scenes in the script before Nathaniel said i did a good job it being my first day and all.

A little while later Chastity came to find me ready to head home because she had another job she had to get too

I accepted the script a tech assistant was offering me for the next day, said goodnight to Nathaniel and left the studio with my best friend

Chastity and I got dinner on the way home knowing she'd have to drop me off and head to the hospital

After Chastity changed her clothes and left, I sat down to eat my dinner and opened my script wanting to be ready for the next day

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