Your Biggest Fan

I know Nathaniel told me he doesn't make a big deal out of his birthday but I had the idea for this story for almost a month now

The song is a Nick Jonas song because I know he likes him actually it's a Jonas Brothers song but Nick wrote and sang the entire thing

This is originally fictional, it was inspired by Angela's book series I thought this could kinda be 'our story'

I hope it's ok and thank you for your time


Chapter 2

How we (fictionally) met

I was in class one day slightly bored so I started creating a character for a new story I was thinking about creating

I had been a big fan of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals though I hated Julie Plec more than words could say

I planned to watch her legacies show though mostly because I needed to know after the death of her parents and uncle Hope would be ok

Then a new series came out it was like the Vampire Diaries meets the Originals with a little bit of Legacies thrown in only better .... it was called I Love You All the time.

I Love You All The Time is a fan based book and tv series where a group of friends live their lives.

There's some supernatural moments but mostly it's about the main girl and the life she lives surrounded by her friends.

I fell in love with the series and knew I would give anything to be in that group of friends.

The story and character I was creating wasn't based on L. J. Smith's Novels or Julie Plec's tv series as messed up as it was, no she was based around the I Love You All The Time series.

I knew three things for a fact

  1. I wanted to be as close friend wise to Daniel Gillies as Angela (the female main character) is to Nathaniel Buzolic.
  2. My childhood best friend Chastity is so my Melissa
  3. I didn't know him yet but I was falling for the Nathaniel character

After class I headed home to have lunch and watch reruns of my favorite show knowing I had an afternoon class I couldn't skip

When I arrived home Chastity was getting ready for her shift at the hospital but her laptop was open which meant it was on.

""What's up?" I asked walking into her room, her latop still sitting on the coffee table in the living room

"Getting ready for work" she told me

I nodded before turning to stare out the bedroom door

"Your computer's on?" I said

Chastity nodded

"I'm waiting for Ange to reply" Chastity said

I blinked I had never met an 'Ange' before then it hit me

"Right your Quibblo Soul Sister, why what's up?" I asked

"I was thinking of adding you to the story, no big deal" Chastity said very vague

"What story?" I asked

"Join Quibblo and see" Chastity said before walking back out into the living room

"Chastity" I said using my serious tone of voice

"Ok, she's running out of ideas for I Love You All The Time book 2 and I suggested we bring you in" Chastity said

"I thought you said I was already in the story" I said then stopped breathing did she just say Angela and I Love You All The Time book 2 in the same sentence

"You know Angela and you're helping her work on my favorite series, oh my god shut up" I said causing Chastity to giggle slightly

"Do you know all the characters too?" I asked

"Not personally but if they're a Quibblo member or part of the Quibblo Friends group then yes I know them" Chastity said

"Wait so you know Melissa, Henry, Nathaniel. .. etc" I said

Chastity nodded with a smile

"Online only but yes" Chastity said

"Do you know Klaus?" I asked

"Joseph Morgan, no I don't actually know any celebrities .... i'm sure the others might having to work with them on the story and all" Chastity said

"You're so lying" I said deciding to join the website and hopefully make a few friends along the way

"I created a new character today" I said walking into my room to change clothes as Chastity sat down in front of her laptop hoping for a reply

"A Valerie one?" She asked

"TVD" I said

"Interesting you should submit it, we don't work a lot on the TVD aspect anymore seeing as Julie shiit all over the original ... gotta feel bad for LJ Smith, he had some good stuff, but that's why I prefer our series, Angela does things fairly for all involved. She likes hearing our thoughts and Ideas and when a new character gets created she either finds room for them or she creates one" Chastity said as I walked back out into the living room

"I'll join but i'll need at least 3 accounts" I said honestly

Chastity nodded her understandIng before logging out of her account, standing up and motioning for me to walk over

"Make sure each account has it's own email even if you have to make it up and be original" Chastity said before walking into the kitchen to start lunch

"You're going to be lste" I reminded her

"Half an hour" Chastity said

"The line was - 15 minutes" I said with a giggle but unable to remember from what old show it came from

I then made my accounts, friend requested all of Chastity's friends and submitted my character to my Elizabeth Alexandra account

"Now what?" I asked accepting my sandwich and soda as Chastity came back into the room

"Now I accept your friend requests, add your character into my favourites and make sure Angela sees it, if she likes it you'll not only be joining our group of friends, you will permanently be a cast member and character on your favorite series" Chastity said pulling out her phone

When Chastity was done helping me 'fit into the life I wanted' we ate our lunches

She then headed to work and I headed back to school


A week later when I got home from school Chastity was once again getting ready for work but this time she looked more excited

"Get changed, we're going to the studio" she said

I blinked Chastity has never taken me to the 'studio' before even when they were creating the I Love You All The Time first season though I begged her too after reading all the books I could to prepare myself

"Angela liked your character, you're a Quibblo Friends but now in order to really be one of us you have to work with us on this series too" Chastity said

I nodded my understandIng before rushing to get changed

15 minutes later we were pulling up to the front gate of the studio

"Are you actually engaged?" I asked as the guard opened the gate for us

"To Steven R McQueen, god I wish" Chastity said

I didn't mean to but I giggled as she found a parking spot

"Don't freak out ok, please" Chastity said as we climbed out of the car

"I'm fine besides my life is online .... offline i'm the foster kid you befriended when you were 3 or 4, we'll go with young" I said causing Chastity to giggle now

"Tom and I loved you like a sister and when they get to know you, they will too" Chastity said leading me into the studio

"Hey Chastity" a girl I didn't know said walking over to the two of us as we entered the building

"Hey Avery, Angela here?" Chastity asked the blonde standing in front of us

"With her siblings and in laws ... big scene coming up" Avery said answering Chastity's question, she then turned to look at me and blinked causing me to blink back

"You look just like Alison" I said honestly

"I get that a lot, i'm Avery" Avery said

"Valerie" I said

She nodded and we shook hands

"Angela liked her Elizabeth character" Chastity said

"Oh right, they're on the sound stage now blocking the scene, it might be ok ... ask Angel" Avery said

Chastity nodded before giving Avery a hug then leading me down the long hallway towards the offices

"Angel is Sophia and Jake's friend. ... she doesn't have a real place in I Love You All The Time yet among others but Angela will find room for them when she's teady, right now Angel and them not already in the series are Quibblo Friends we place back here in the lounge until Angela is ready for them" Chastity said leading me to a huge room with a couch, chairs, a mini fridge and a giant tv

"Angel" Chastity called out opening the door

A brunette placed her book down, stood up, walked over and walked over to stand in front of us

"Valerie, Angel ... do you know if Angela's free to meet Valerie?" Chastity asked

"Um yeah they should be done with the scene soon" Angel said

Chastity smiled at mine and Angel's nice to meet you before leading me back down the hall, over to another hall, down that hall and up some stairs before leading me onto a sound stage as the red light shut off

"Ange" Chastity said

"Chas" Angela said turning and walking over to Chastity and I

The two shared a huge before Angela turned and smiled at me

"You must be Valerie" she said

I nodded - I am

"Val, this is Ange" Chastity said

"Oh my god, it's really nice to meet you; hi i'm a huge fan" I said honestly

"Thank you, it's nice to meet you too" Angela said

We then shared a hug before Angela introduced me to her friends

"Oh my god there's Nathaniel" Chastity whispered in my ear as we walked around the room

"You like my brother" Angela asked turning to smile at me

"He's here favorite person" Chastity said

I giggled as Angela nodded her understandIng

"Mine too" she said before grabbing my hand and pulling me with her over to Nathaniel Chastity folowing behind us

"Nate" Angela said as we approached Nathaniel who was talking with Joseph at the time

"Sister" Joseph said

"Niklaus, Nathaniel .... Chastity and Valerie this is Joseph Morgan and Nathaniel Scott" Angela said

"Hi" Chastity said

"Hi" the boys said

"Valerie really likes you" Angela told Nathaniel causing him to smirk and me to blush

"Don't cause drama Angel" Nathaniel said

Angela smirked now before leading Joseph and Chastity away

"I'll let you two talk" she called over her shoulder

Nathaniel shook his head trying not to laugh and I nodded my understandIng

When the sound stage started cleaning out Nathaniel and I found somewhere to sit and just talked

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