I'll occasionally write here about Nathaniel's bonds and relationships whenever I have an idea for it.

Chapter 1

Six Brothers

Nathaniel Mikaelson has six brothers.

Two are older.

The oldest of them all is judgmental, and scared of being forgotten because of what his siblings have done to him. He is made of loyalty and anger at those who have wronged him, and Nathaniel wishes he could hate him, but knows if he does, he has to hate himself for making him that way. It's not something he believes he can handle.

The other older one is a monster wrapped in a neat suit, forever afraid of letting people in for fear he might ruin them. He will try his hardest to push everyone away, to convince everyone he's fine, to make sure everyone else is happy and he comes as a last priority. And Nathaniel, god forbid, thought he deserved it at one point. He was wrong.

The rest are younger.

One is his twin, the light of his life, someone he shares absolutely everything with and would give up everything for, blinding and temperamental and full of rage and scared of being alone. He never will be, not as long as Nathaniel is breathing. He can't leave him alone. He won't, and he's never dreamed of it.

The next isn't his brother, not really, but they've defied their destiny and are more brothers than their (step)father ever would've truly liked. And he's rough around the edges and he's perhaps not the best influence, but he's trying. And sometimes he succeeds, and sometimes he fails, and he bottles it up until he explodes on someone. Nathaniel hopes it's him, he hopes it's always him.

The second youngest of them all is terrified, extremely terrified of never being loved. He will fight and he will wreak havoc and he will betray and ache for affection and it has completely destroyed him at times, and made him stronger at others. He will do anything to get what he thinks, and what he does deserve, and Nathaniel would move heaven and hell for him if he could.

The youngest of his brothers, the baby of his entire family, actually, is a miracle. He disappeared from their lives once and came back to be with them once again, different and still changing and not at all the same brother he remembered, and Nathaniel would still sooner die than ever lose him again. He is the reason Nathaniel believes change is good. He makes Nathaniel believe he can be good.

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