Hello, Meet My Characters.

Characters I have created over the years for the shows I enjoy watching.

Every Character or Characters will have a title at the top so you can know which character it's about.

Chapter 1

The Vampire Diaries & The Originals

First Character

She is, above all else, tired; she wants more than anything to return to her bed and her book. The world, this world, feels suddenly stunned and stunted, far from everything.


Books: Currently None.

Universe: The Vampire Diaries/The Originals

Character Status: Antagonist/Main Character

Faceclaim: Maia Mitchell


Birth Name: Arazaela Baizen

Known Names: Arazaela Kenner (Married Name)

Aliases: Arazaela Salvatore

Date Of Birth: October 21st, First Century B.C.E

Age: 2000+

Place Of Birth: Greece

Occupation: Unemployed

Status: Alive

Species: Immortal

Significant Sires: Unknown (to her) Doppelgangers, Achilles Kenner (Her Son)

Significant Kills: Many over the centuries.

Sired By: Silas and Amara

Sireline: She isn't a vampire.

Cause Of Death: Mostly snapped necks over the years.

Killed By: People she later killed.


Arazaela has shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes and a beautiful smile. The girl stands fairly average at five foot six. She hardly wears makeup, and is quite confident in her looks. Her style is old fashioned but mostly plaid and jeans. She also favors boots to heels and flats. She wears her hair straight down, except for when she's copying the looks of artemis.

Tattoos: She has this tattoo.

Birth Marks/Scars: None.


Romantic/S^xual Orientation: Biromantic Demis^xual.

Love Interest: Arazaela has only ever been in love once, and that was with Jackson Kenner who she had known since he was fifteen. Though he was in love with the idea of the girl who he was betrothed to, Hayley Marshall. She supported this fantasy romance despite being in love with him. When it was revealed that he actually had to marry Hayley, Arazaela confessed and he confessed in return. The two shared a night of passion, much like Hayley did with her beau at the time. This caused Arazaela to get pregnant, but she stayed silent until she began showing as to respect his and Hayley's marriage. When she finally began showing, she told Jackson of this. However, Jackson died sometime after the birth of their child.

Previous Love Interest(s): None.

Other Attractions: Finn Mikaelson (Brief Fling), Tristan De Martel (One Sided Attraction on his part)


Silas (Father)

Amara (Mother)

Alexander (Uncle)

Merissa (Aunt)

Achilles Kenner (Son)

Achilles Baizen (Twin Brother)

Bonnie Bennett (Sister In Law)

Patroclus Bennett (Nephew)

Amara Baizen (Niece)

Timothy and Cassandra Bennett-Baizen (Twin Nephew and Niece)

Unnamed cousins.

Unknown descendants.

Two Unnamed Doppelgangers.

Artemis Petrova (3rd Doppelganger)

Unnamed Girl (4th Doppelganger)

Two more unnamed doppelgangers

The Salvatore Bloodline (Descendants)

The Petrova Bloodline (Descendants)


Besides her brother, Arazaela considers Bonnie Bennett and Freya Mikaelson her best friends. She originally met Bonnie Bennett when her brother introduced the two, and they've gotten along ever since. They're there for each other and think of the other as each other's soulmates. Arazaela puts Bonnie before anyone in her life, except for her child. She is willing to lie to her brother and anyone else for the witch, and believes she is capable of great things. Freya Mikaelson is her secondary best friend, but she still cares for her almost as much as she does Bonnie. Freya comforted Arazaela when Jackson died, and Arazaela comforted her when Finn died.


Arazaela isn't close to many as she sees closeness as weakness, but she holds Hayley Marshall, Camille O'Connell, Sarah Nelson, Matt Donovan and Jeremy Gilbert in high respect and was saddened by the first three's death.


Arazaela holds a grudge against the Salvatores (minus Sarah) for their part in killing her father. She also dislikes the Mikaelsons.


Arazaela shares the same background as her brother. She spent the first few centuries of her life with her family, and witht he Mikaelsons. However, after meeting Jackson Kenner, she gradually began switching between Mystic Falls and New Orleans for her brother's and best friends sake. After having her child, she spent most of her time In New Orleans. After Jackson's death, she returned to Mystic Falls for Bonnie and Achilles. After they decide to go travelling, she went with them.


Arazaela is a headstrong, fierce woman who holds nothing back. She is not an open person, and prefers to keep to herself. Once she gets close to someone, she is loyal, trustworthy and kind.


Arazaela is a slytherin.


I am not my brother's keeper.


The quieter you become, the more you can hear.


Books: Currently None.

Universe: The Vampire Diaries/The Originals.

Character Status: Deuteragonist/Main Character

Faceclaim: Maia Mitchell


Birth Name: Artemisia Petrova

Known Names: Artemis Petrova

Alias: Artemis Pierce

Date Of Birth: February 10th, 1474

Age: 544 (in 2018)

Place Of Birth: Bulgaria

Occupation: None, currently.

Status: Undead

Species: Vampire

Significant Sires: Alexia Branson, Valentina Forbes

Significant Kills: Matt Donovan (with his consent, he was brought back by the Gilbert ring)

Sired By: Aurora De Martel

Sireline: Rebekah Mikaelson

Cause Of Death: Drowned

Killed By: Klaus Mikaelson


Much the first one with her face, Artemis has brown eyes and shoulder length brown hair. It used to go down to her back, but she cut it after she was killed by Niklaus MIkaelson. Her style differs from many, as she sometimes wears leather and sometimes wears something completely normal like sneakers, a t shirt and jeans.

Tattoos: Artemis has a tattoo on her wrist that she got so people could tell the difference between her and Arazaela.

Birth Marks/Scars: None.


Romantic/S^xual Orientation: Straight

Love Interest: Artemis Petrova met Hunter Memphis within her first year of being a vampire. The two shared a snarky remark and have ever since considered each other close friends. They started off as close friends and gradually turned to best friends. Sharing a bed, going to each other for advice. It was Artemis' sister who pointed out that they had feelings for each other, though each of them already knew. They remained friends for a while after that, before they finally kissed the night they found out Hunter's true identity. Since then, the two have been on and off.

Previous Love Interest(s): Lucien Castle. Artemis dated Lucien to make Hunter jealous and Lucien dated Artemis as a way to get over Aurora, though it did not work.

Other Attractions: Artemis and Marcel Gerard briefly shared an attraction for each other, but it never went past a few flirty comments.


Amara (Progenitor Of, Distant Ancestor)

Achilles (Distant Ancestor)

Arazaela (Paternal Ancestor/Doppelganger Of)

The rest of Amara's relatives (Distant Ancestors)

Tatia Petrova (Distant Ancestor)

Tatia's Family and Relatives (Distant Ancestors)

Unnamed Ancestors (Doppelganger Of)

Mr. Petrov (Father)

Mrs. Petrova (Mother)

Katerina Petrova (Older Sister)

Unnamed Petrova (Younger Sister)

Nadia Petrova (Niece)

Nadia's Daughter (Great Niece)

Isobel Flemming (Descendant)

Elena Gilbert (Descendant)

Unnamed Girl (Descendant, Doppelganger)

Lian Michaels (Adoptive Daughter)


Artemis' best friends are Valentina Forbes and Malachai Parker. She first met Valentina when she arrived in Mystic Falls following the death of Grayson and Miranda Gilbert a month prior. The two became quick friends and Valentina was the first one to find out that Artemis was a vampire. She met Malachai Parker back when he was 18 and they two became best friends very quickly, as he was a sociopath and she was very amused by his antics. She was extremely angry at the gemini coven for locking him away and sought out a way to get him back, as he was her closest friend at the time. When he got out of the prison world, Artemis and Malachai returned to being best friends, as she even occasionally helped him against the Mystic Gang. She was once again saddened by his departure/death, but still occasionally talked to him as if he were actually there. When he came back the final time, she prevented Bonnie from locking him away again, and the two are still best friends.


Contrary to popular belief, Artemis does not hate the Mikaelsons. She likes all of the siblings, even Finn, because of the way they are, who they were, and who they turned out to be. She finds their story interesting, and is an ally of theirs when they need it. Because of this, she is friends with all of them. She also considers Jenna Sommers, Alaric Saltzman, Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert, Enzo St. John, Tyler Lockwood, Matt Donovan, Damon and Stefan Salvatore friends, and even thanked them for killing Katherine.


Despite the girls being close when they were humans, Artemis has considered Katherine an enemy since the day Klaus killed her (Artemis) to hurt Katherine. Though she did not blame Katherine for wanting to survive, she did blame her for not attempting to take her sisters with her. She let go of this later on, but Katherine made an enemy of her little sister once again when Katherine showed that she did not care for her any longer. This causes Artemis to align with the Mikaelsons and help Klaus track her down in her free time. Katherine was no longer the girl her sister once cared for, and though maybe that wasn't her fault, it does not excuse a lot of her actions, including even r(a)ping Stefan Salvatore She took away his free will by compelling him to not be afraid/not run the first time they had s(e)x, which makes it r(a)pe., manipulating and playing with Damon Salvatore's heart, as well as manipulating a thousand other people in her time on the run. Katherine is not Artemis' only enemy, as she also despises Mikael and Esther Mikaelson for what they've done to their kids. The same goes for Giuseppe and Lillian Salvatore, and Arazaela.


Artemis (Originally, Artemisia) Petrova is the middle sister of the Petrova sisters, and the second youngest of the Petrova's. She was raised with Katherine (Originally, Katerina), and even helped her sister deliver her child. When the Mikaelsons arrived to collect Katherine, Artemis became quick friends with both brothers though Klaus was only using her to get close to Katherine while Elijah actually cared for both girls. The day that Katherine denied Klaus the chance to break his curse, Artemis was out of town and came in contact with a woman named Aurora, who had accidentally injured her while throwing a fit of rage. Feeling guilty, Aurora gave Artemis her blood and compelled her to forget. When Artemis arrived back in town, Klaus drowned her as revenge and a way to hurt Katherine. She awoke later as a vampire in transition and killed her entire village, which lead her to discover she's a ripper. After this, Artemis vowed to get more control and spent years trying to control her bloodlust, as well as look for Katherine. When she came in contact with the Mikaelsons again, she was taught bloodlust control by Elijah Mikaelson, which helped her control her ripper urges. After she departed and promised Klaus updates if she found anything on Katherine, she hunted her sister for a while before she met Alexia Branson in 1680. She lost control for a split moment and fed on the girl, but because she could hear Alexia's little brother approaching, managed to pull away and heal her with her blood. She left quickly after, but heard that Lexi became a vampire somehow. She Met Hunter Memphis in 1690 and the two became quick friends with a hint of underlying romance. Spending years with Hunter as well as juggling avoiding causing any scenes and tracking down Katherine, Artemis made friends and enemies along the way, all who somehow ended up dead. She didn't come in contact with her sister again until she stumbled into Mystic Falls, where Katherine was manipulating the Salvatore brothers. The two had a confrontation which lead to Damon and Stefan separating the two. Artemis left, but told Klaus where Katherine was. When he got there, it was far too late, as the tomb had been sealed. Artemis spent the next century with Hunter and occasionally the Mikaelsons, living life without the added drama, as well as avoiding her original (Arazaela). Though, for a few years, she hung around the Parker Clan because of her friendship with Kai Parker. A month after the death of Miranda and Grayson, Artemis came to town at the request of Stefan Salvatore because he believed Katherine was impersonating a teenage girl. She met Valentina on the way to the Salvatore boarding house, and the two became quick friends. She also met Lian Michaels, a child who had recently been abandoned, and took her in. From there on out, it was chaos.


Artemis considers herself to be bold, and unfortunately, much like her sister. She is able to manipulate fairly well. She has a strong hold on reality and is very down to earth. This often results in her being the voice of reason around pretty much anyone. She is level headed but does have a temper to go with her bloodlust. She views humans as interesting creatures and unlike many vampires, does not just want to use them for their blood, but that is an added bonus. She can be a dead pan snarker at times, and a jerk with a heart of gold at others.




Don't pretend to be what you aren't.


I'll make you a bet.

Side Note: This character belongs to me.


Books: Currently None.

Universe: The Vampire Diaries/The Originals

Character Status: Protagonist/Supporting Character

Faceclaim: Matt Daddario


Birth Name: Isaiah Salvatore

Known Names/Nicknames: Isa, Zay

Alias: Jakobe De Sauveterre

Date Of Birth: August 7th, 1859

Age: 20/157

Place Of Birth: Mystic Falls

Occupation: Bartender

Status: Undead

Species: Vampire

Significant Sires: None

Significant Kills: None

Sired By: Alexia Branson

Sireline: Rebekah Mikaelson

Cause Of Death: Bled Out

Killed By: Unknown Vampire


Isaiah Alexander Salvatore

Tattoos: He has no tattoos.

Birth Marks/Scars: All healed when he became a vampire.


Romantic/S^xual Orientation: Isaiah prefers not to label himself, as every partner he has had is insignificant compared to the girl he's in love with.

Love Interest: Isaiah is in love with Valentina Forbes, but has a hard time admitting it to anyone. He instead shows it through his actions, as he would protect her with his life.

Previous Love Interests: Isaiah, at one point, had intercourse with Katerina Petrova, therefore officiating her sl(ee)ping with every Salvatore Brother. He dated Rebekah on and off for a year.

Other Attractions: He's had many flings, but most notable is the mother of his children.


Silas (Distant Ancestor)

Achilles and Arazaela (Distant Ancestors)

Giuseppe Salvatore (Father)

Lillian Salvatore (Stepmother)

Giuseppe's Relatives (Family)

Lauren De Sauveterre (Mother)

Damon Salvatore (Oldest Paternal Half Brother)

Stefan Salvatore (Older Paternal Half Brother)

Allison Salvatore (Younger Paternal Half Sister)

(Michael and Kol as brother in laws with Davina being his sister via Allison)

Stefan's Unborn Child (Nephew)

Zachariah Salvatore (Son)

Zachariah's Unnamed Son (Grandson)

Joseph Salvatore (Descendant)

Joseph's Unnamed Son (Descendant)

Zach Salvatore (Descendant)

Tom Avery (Descendant)

Sarah Nelson Salvatore (Descendant)


Isaiah's best friends are Valerie Tulle and Jeremy Gilbert. When he met Valerie, despite being on opposing teams, they opened up to each other. He and Jeremy often lean on each other for support and can relate about being the youngest brother.


Like Valerie, Isaiah considers Mary Louise and Nora his friends. Despite Damon killing Zach (the descendant) and Stefan killing Giuseppe (his father), he is close friends with both his brothers. In addition to that, he has also befriended Alaric Saltzman, Caroline Forbes, Bonnie Bennett and Enzo St John for the sakes of his brothers and Valentina. In addition to being close friends with Kol and Hunter Mikaelson, Isaiah has befriended Rebekah and her beau, Marcel Gerard. Camille O'Connell is also a friend of his, as well as Hayley Marshall.


For a time, though they got over it, Jeremy was an enemy to Isaiah. He currently dislikes Elena Gilbert, Tyler Lockwood, Matt Donovan, Lucien Castle, The Strix, Elijah and Klaus Mikaelson as well as Vincent Griffith. Elena, for her role in Kol's death as well as her forcing Jeremy to be sent away. Tyler, for his treatment to Damon and Stefan. Matt, for his bias against vampires. Lucien, for killing Cami. The Strix, for killing Jackson. Elijah, for his constant defending Klaus. Klaus, for everything he's done to the people he loves, and Vincent for being a hypocrite.


Isaiah was believed to be born somewhere between 1861-1865, but was actually born in 1859. Giuseppe wanted someone to carry on the Salvatore Name. His father died in 1864, and he was raised by his mother while taking on his father's last name. When he was eighteen, he impregnated a woman by the name of Julianna. Together, they had a child named Zachariah Salvatore. When Zachariah was two, Isaiah was out hunting and attacked by his older brother, Stefan Salvatore. They didn't know they were brothers at the time, and Alexia Branson saved him before Stefan could kill him. Being fed her blood and compelled to forget, he carried on his way home. However, he got caught in the middle of a sword fight and was stabbed, bleeding out. When he awoke as a vampire, he compelled Julianna to take Zachariah and leave after feeding on her sister, unknown to her, before he could harm his son or his son's mother. After that, he took on the alias Jakobe De Sauveterre, which was his mother's brother's name. He crossed paths with Katherine Pierce at one point, and shared a night of lust with her. Soon after, he met Artemis and she referred him to Elijah Mikaelson if he wanted to learn to control his bloodlust. While he originally went for Elijah, he ended up staying for Rebekah Mikaelson as they had a fling which resulted in Klaus threatening him and Isaiah leaving. Isaiah met back up with both his brothers and his siter by crashing their reunion in 1994. He introduced himself as their brother, causing Stefan guilt as he remembered that he had attacked Isaiah once before. Aware that Damon had his humanity off, Isaiah bonded with both his brothers and sister and refused to get involved in their arguing. However, when Damon killed Gail and presumably his descendant, Isaiah took his leave. He didn't and couldn't hold Damon responsible when his humanity was off, because he'd have to acknowledge the things Stefan did as a ripper, and he wanted to look up to both his older brothers. Isaiah returned in 2009, with Damon, except he was much more kind to Stefan and Allison. It was also then he met Valentina.


Isaiah shares traits with both Damon and Stefan. He'd do anything to protect those he loves, even if they'll hate him for it. He views humans as something much more than food, but will not hesitate to use them for so if he needs to heal. He's a compassionate person, but you'd have to be close friends with him to know that, as he is also distrusting for good reasons. He lets others influence him, and determines if it's a good or bad influence.


Slytherin with Raveclaw traits.


My last name does not define me.


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