The backstory that my sister and I have been working in ever since Silas was introduced.

The moment Silas was introduced, I knew he'd look like Stefan. I just felt it. I didn't know Amara would exist but my sister predicted it.

Therefore, we've been working on our characters since the moment Silas was mentioned.

This is what we came up with. Keep rude comments to yourself.

Chapter 1

Before Mystic Falls

Everyone knows the story of Silas and Amara

Here's what they don't know;

Silas got Amara pregnant when she was human and he was a witch. Therefore, he convinced Questiyah that he wanted children for her so she'd make more of the immortality potion than originally negotiated.

Amara went into labor two days before the 'wedding' of Silas and Questiyah, and gave birth to twins with the help of Silas' older brother, Alexander.

Silas proceeded to steal the Immortality potions. When Questiyah came for Amara and Silas, the two gave their children to the person they trusted most: Alexander.

Alexander took the kids and the potion left for them and ran from Questiyah, not looking behind him.

Alexander settled down with a woman named Elizabeth and had children even. He never neglected his niece and nephew in favor of them, though. He told them all about their parents, and warned them about Questiyah.

After talking with each other, the twins decided to take the immortality potion their parents left for them on their 18th birthday. They then took their cousins, all four of them, out for food.

When they returned, they found their uncle and his wife dead and Questiyah looking for them.

Arazaela, being closest to both of them, lost control and blasted Questiyah away while Achilles protected the 15, 12, 10 and 6 year old witches.

After that, they found families for the kids, and left them so Questiyah wouldn't go after the kids.

Ever since then, The twins have been avoiding Questiyah and their cousins altogether, though they didn't realize one had started the Salvatore bloodline.

Learning to control their powers, they finally met Maven, a descendant of theirs a century later who was having a son he would name Dominic. The two stuck around for a while after the child was born, as Ara sensed he could lead them to Their father.

However, once Maven turned up dead, they forced Sigyn and Dominic to move.

While Ara continued searching for their father, Achilles took care of Sigyn and Dominic, the latter who had befriended Elijah Mikaelson.

Arazaela caught a lead, and The two left months before the birth of Esther's next child.

Tired of running, the two set up a meeting with Questiyah, knowing they could overpower her if need be.

Questiyah agreed to stop going after them, knowing Arazaela would likely never get over the loss of her parents before she even knew them.

Arazaela continued searching for him, while Achilles returned to Mystic Falls and stayed until the birth of Rebekah Mikaelson. He used his powers to make everyone forget he was ever there, knowing the village would question why he wasn't aging.

For the next few centuries, Achilles and Arazaela settled for watching over their descendants as much as they could while still searching.

Truth be told, Achilles had given up long ago, but would humor his sister for however long he needed to.

When Dominic reached out to them, they were both surprised he remembered them, but even more surprised that there was a descendant of Questiyah in a town called Mystic Falls.

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