Baby Come Over

TVD- Next Generation

Chapter 1

My Character

Name: Angela Lockwood

Nicknames: Angel (by Family) and Ange (by Friends)

Petnames: Darling (by Nathaniel) and Sweetheart (by Jacob)

Age: 18

Birthday: Feburary 10th 2000

Species: untriggered Werewolf

Best Friends: Tatia Mikaelson and Jacob Salvatore

Close Friends: Stefan Salvatore Junior, Matthew Mikaelson Salvatore, Andrew Salvatore, Katerina Salvatore, Alexia Salvatore, Ally Salvatore, Nathaniel Daniel Mikaelson, Danielle Claire Mikaelson, Riley Mikaelson, Jackson Joseph Mikaelson, Morgan Mikaelson, Martin Mikaelson, Marissa Salvatore and Tyler McCall

Other Friends: Thomas Avery Gilbert, Avery Elena Gilbert, Steven Gilbert, Alexandra Gilbert, Victoria Kelly Donovan, Zach Donovan, Chloe Mikaelson, Caylen Mikaelson, Ryan James Mikaelson and Christopher Smith

Adult Friends: Angela Mikaelson, Stefan Salvatore, Melissa Cooper, Tyler Lockwood, Avery Davis, Chastity Avery and Allison Salvatore

Love Interest: Jacob Salvatore 

Lover: Nathaniel Mikaelson

Family: Melissa Cooper (Mother), Tyler Lockwood (Father), Angela Mikaelson (Godmother), Jeremy Gilbert (Godfather), Merissa Salvatore (Maternal Half Older Sister), Luke and Brianne Lockwood (Paternal Half Older Twin Siblings), Jackson Joseph Mikaelson (Maternal Half Younger Brother), Tyler McCall (Secret Maternal Half Younger Brother), Morgan Mikaelson (Maternal Half Youngest Sister) and Martin Mikaelson (Maternal Half Youngest Brother) Ryan, Tatia, Jacob, Stefan Junior, Ally, Matthew, Katerina, Alexia and Andrew (Godcousins)

Future Family: Jacob Salvatore (Husband), Daniel Mikaelson (Secret unborn Son via Nathaniel), Angel Salvatore (Daughter via Jacob), Niklaus Mikaelson (Step Father) and Hope Mikaelson (Step Sister)

Is Closest To: Tatia Mikaelson


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