How to get fat (or fatter Depending I’d your a gainer like me)

How to get fat (or fatter Depending I’d your a gainer like me)

This is a short story on how to get fat or fatter depending if your a gainer. If your skinny and want to get fat then this should help.

Chapter 1

Tips and Tricks

1.Eat more then the small 3 meals a day

2.always be snacking even if your not hungry

3.if you have a console, pc, tablet always be on it with food like 2-3 boxes of pizza because you have to push yourself and your belly to the limits

4.never eat fruit only fruit juices

5.when you are gaming or watching tv bring all the fatty foods you can find in you pantry

6. All ways have clothes that are too big for you when you are clothes shopping so if your gaining you can go to the shops and have clothes that fit

7.if your clothes aren’t fitting just go to the clothes shopping center or mall and quickly go into the clothes unless you want to show of your flabs!

Also, at home if you love seeing your fat, playing with it or need to rub your belly my advice would be to wear underwear (and bra if your female) because you also get to watch yourself jiggle!


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