Characters for Group Stories

Quibblo has a certain limit for messages and I couldn't send it and I dislike sending multiple messages so whenever I wish to participate in a group story, the character will be put into a chapter in this story.

Chapter 1

Nobody's Angel

Birth Name: Nathaniel Jerome Mikaelson

Choosen Name: Nathaniel Mikaelson

Nickname(s): Nathan (His older siblings/friends), Nate (his younger siblings/friends)

Petname: Hero (Katherine), Romeo (Valerie)

Alias: Jerome Scott

Future Married Alias: Jerome Scott (He doesn't change his name)

Gender: Male

Species: Original Hybrid

Original or Shadow Self

(Doppelganger): Original

Ripper or Regular: Ripper

Village or Island Girl: Neither.

Heaven Or Hell: Both.

Bloodline: Original Family

Age: 25 | 1000+

Turned: Middle Ages

Cause Of Death: Stabbed through the heart

Killed By: Mikael

Birthday: October 22nd

Zodiac Sign: Unsure.

Chinese Zodiac Sign: He's never searched.

Ruling Planet: Unsure.

Element: Unsure.

Animal Spirit/Spirit Guide: Never found out.

Birthplace: Mystic Falls.

Current Residence: He travels.

Vacation Home: California.

Status: Alive

Martial Status: Single (for Now)

Appearance: He looks exactly like his twin brother, Niklaus Mikaelson.

Personality: He's a mix of all four of his brothers. He's loyal like Finn, Noble like Elijah, Viscous like Niklaus and Rebellious like Kol. He also shares traits with his sisters, such as being as Ruthless as Freya when it comes to protecting his loved ones, Passionate like Angela, Manipulative like Amy, Protective like Wesley and deceptive like Rebekah.

Strength: He's headstrong, naturally wants to come to peaceful solutions rather than bloody ones, caring, and cautious.

Weakness: Stubbornness. Negative attitude when pissed off.

Title: The Alpha.

Future Married Title: The Alpha (it stays the same.)

Reputation: An old soul with a closed off personality.

Description: The Middle Mikaelson Brother/Sibling.

Inner Circle: Allison, Amelia, Angela, Avery, Chastity, Daisy, Henry, Melissa and Wesley.

Position In The Inner Circle: He doesn't believe in positions/doesn't like labels/being controlled.

Best Friends: Silas, Hayley Marshall, Elena Gilbert and Lorenzo St. John

Close Friends: Niklaus Mikaelson, Elijah, Rebekah, Kol, Katerina, Joshua, Valerie, Silas, Caroline, and Bonnie.

Other Friends: Tyler Lockwood (for Melissa), Danielle Lockwood (New friend/for Enzo), Matt and Victoria Donovan (For Avery), Jeremy Gilbert (For Elena and Chastity), Nadia Petrova, Camille O'Connell, Vincent Griffith and Malachai and Lucas Parker (For Amelia and Henry)

Acquaintances: Alaric Saltzman, Mary Louise, Nora, Lucien, Mary Dumas and Jackson Kenner.

Frenemies: Stefan Salvatore (He dislikes him for breaking Rebekah's heart, cheating on Caroline and Angela, Hurting Valerie, Killing Katherine and attempting to kill multiple siblings as well as helping in killing Kol and Finn but tolerates him for Caroline, Angela and Elena), Damon Salvatore (He dislikes him for hurting Rebekah, Elijah, Kol, Finn, Niklaus and Bonnie, but tolerates him for the sake of his younger sisters), Marcellus Gerard (He dislikes him for what he did to his family, but understands his reasoning), The rest of the heretics (They're horrible.), Seline (For tricking and almost harming Caroline's children, but understands her reasoning).

Enemies (People): everyone else

Enemies (Species): New Orleans Ancestors, Upgraded/Evolved Original Vampires, and The Brotherhood of the Five

Greatest Enemy: The Hollow

Eternal Twin Flame/Love Interest: Katerina Petrova

Lover(s): Valerie Tulle (The woman he learns to love), Elena Gilbert (Best friend with benefits)

Baby Mama/Daddy: Katerina Petrova

Crush: None.

Ex: Too many to name.

Rival: Elijah Mikaelson (For Katerina, though he has Daisy), Stefan Salvatore (For Valerie, though he has Caroline/Angela), Damon Salvatore (For Elena, though Elena and Nathaniel aren't in love, and Damon loves Wesley).

Family: Esther Mikaelson (Mother), Ansel (Father), Mikael Mikaelson (Stepfather), Freya and Finn (Oldest Maternal Half Siblings), Elijah Mikaelson (Older Maternal Half Brother), Angela Mikaelson (Older Maternal Half Sister), Niklaus Mikaelson (Younger Twin Brother), Amelia Carter (Younger Paternal Half Sister), Kol Mikaelson (Younger Maternal Half Brother), Wesley Mikaelson (Younger Maternal Half Sister), Rebekah Mikaelson (Youngest Maternal Half Sister), Henrik Mikaelson (Youngest Deceased Maternal Half Brother), Vivian Julia Mikaelson (Secret Daughter), Marcellus Gerard (Adoptive nephew via Niklaus), Davina Claire (Disowned Adoptive niece via Marcellus.), and Henry Johnson/Ryan James Mikaelson (Adoptive Nephew), Katerina Petrova (Secret Wife), Nadia Petrova (Step daughter)

Honorary Family: Inner Circle + Silas and Elena Gilbert

Future Family: Valerie Tulle (Second wife), Jacob Salvatore (Step son), Riley Mikaelson (Adopted Niece via Freya and Keelin), Hope Mikaelson (Niece via Niklaus), Jackson Joseph Mikaelson (Nephew via Niklaus), Vivian Julia Mikaelson (Niece via Nathaniel), Andrea, Raven and Octavia (Nieces via Elijah), Chloe, Nathaniel, Danielle and Caylen (Nieces and Nephews via Kol), Claire Mikaelson (miscarried Niece via Rebekah), Boone, Fiona and Richard (Nephews and niece via Wesley), Raven and Octavia Forbes Mikaelson (Nieces via Elijah), Tatia Mikaelson, Stefan Salvatore Junior, Katerina and Alexia Salvatore, Matthew Mikaelson Salvatore, Ally Salvatore and Andrew Salvatore (Nieces and nephews via Angela), Jackson Joseph Mikaelson (Nephew via Klaus), Daisy Forbes (Sister in law via Elijah), Caroline Forbes (Sister in law via Daisy and Elijah), Allison Avery Salvatore (Sister in law via her marriage to Kol), Stefan Salvatore (Brother in law via his marriage to Angela), Damon Salvatore (Brother in law via his marriage to Wesley), Ian and Mia Salvatore (Godchildren via Elena/Niece and Nephew via Damon's marriage to Wesley), Malachai Parker (Brother in law via his marriage to Amelia), Christopher Parker (Nephew via Amy and Kai's marriage), Clarissa Parker (Niece via Daisy's marriage to Elijah/Amy's marriage to Kai), Bellamy and MyKayla Parker (Twin nephew and niece via Amy), Arabesque Castle (Niece via Amy), George Anthony Parker (Adoptive Nephew via Amy), Melissa Mikaelson (Sister in law via her marriage to Niklaus), Avery Sasha Salvatore (Sister in law via all three of her siblings' marriages to three of his), Matt Donovan (Brother in law via his marriage to Avery) *If I'm forgetting anyone, I'll add them later*

Closest To: Inner Circle + Silas

Partner In Life: Elena Gilbert

Soulmate: Hayley Marshall

Shoulder To Lean On: Lorenzo St. John

Other Half: Niklaus Mikaelson

Partners In Crime: Inner Circle

Occupation: He acts as the Alpha of all wolves in New Orleans

Diet: Bloodbags.

Side Of The War: He defends whoever he believes deserves it.

Loyalty: to his family and friends

Likes: Reading, Art, Making Music, His family.

Dislikes: People causing harm to him or his family. Know it all attitudes.

Interests: Protecting His family and Providing security for his wolves.

Talent: Loyalty.

Hobbies: Venturing out into the world with his siblings, one at a time.

Powers and Abilities: Super Strength (Stronger than Immortals, Supernatural Hunters, Non original vampires, Non original hybrids, humans, evolved werewolves, regular werewolves, and Original vampires, though Elijah can hold his own against both Niklaus and Nathaniel for some time), Super Speed (Only Lucien and Marcel can excel Niklaus and Nathan in speed), Super Agility (Better than all other species except Enhanced Original Hybrids and the Hollow), Super Senses, Super Durability, Enhanced Healing Factor (Better than all other species except Enhanced Original Hybrids and the Hollow), Immortality (Klaus and Nathan are even more immortal than their maternal half-siblings. With the last white oak stake destroyed, no physical weapon on earth can kill the twins. Nothing but immense magical power worth a hundred witches summoned by an exceptionally powerful witch can kill Klaus. Despite the extent of his immortality, They still need to feed otherwise they will desiccate and become immobile just like any other immortals, original vampires, non-original vampires or non-original hybrids. It is unknown if the bite of the Beast could kill them due to their werewolf heritage, but both Marcel and Lucien believed so.), Day Walking, Emotional Control, Enhanced Emotions, Lycanthrope Enhancements, Mind Compulsion, Shapeshifting/Transformation Control, Sire Bond, Telepathy (Mind manipulation and Illusions), Werewolf Bite, Werewolf Bite Cure, Immunity to silver (Daggers) and procreation as a hybrid (it is unknown is male non original hybrids and female hybrids can procreate).

Weakness: Broken Neck, The Cure, Desiccation, Invitation, Magic, Major Physical Trauma, Poison, Vervain and Wolfsbane.

Significant Sires: Amelia Carter and Danielle Lockwood

Significant Kills: Amelia Carter (to turn her)

Greatest Fear: Losing his daughter.

Deepest Desire: To get rid of anyone who poses a threat to his loved ones.

Secret: The identity of his daughter.

Most Prized Possession: His marriage ring (he doesn't wear it on his finger, but he keeps it on him at all times)

Motto: I will protect what needs protecting.

Character Quote: A pack is as strong as its leader.

Extra: He's kept his marriage to Katherine a secret from everyone besides Elijah (because he and Katerina had feelings for each other, though Katerina chose Nathan over both his brothers), his daughter a secret from everyone from Niklaus (they're twins, they tell each other mostly everything), and he vowed to protect his younger siblings from anything he could which made him closer to them than his older siblings.


Favorite Species: Hybrids.

Favorite Band: Twenty One Pilots.

Favorite Female Singer(s): Vanessa Hudgens and Halsey.

Favorite Male Singer(s): Nick Jonas.

Favorite Song Of All Time: Surrender - Natalie Taylor

Favorite Instrument: Guitar

Favorite Actor(s): Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Nathaniel Buzolic.

Favorite Actress(es): Candice King, Kat Graham, Nina Dobrev.

Favorite Movie: Final Destination Movies.

Favorite TV Show: The Originals.

Favorite Social Media Source: Twitter.

Favorite Subject In School: Writing.

Dream Job: Doctor.

Dream/Favorite Car: He prefers to travel by foot.

Favorite Color: Gray.

Favorite Candy: None.

Favorite Snack: Grapes.

Favorite type of Pizza: Pepperoni.

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: None.

Favorite Food: Burritos.

Favorite None Alcoholic Drink(s): Lemonade.

Favorite Alcoholic Drink: Whiskey.

Favorite Dessert: Cheese Cake.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla.

Favorite Animal: Wolf.

Favorite Video Game: Doesn't play them.

Favorite Place To Vacation: Florida.

Favorite Season: Fall.

Favorite Hobby: Reading.

Favorite Attire: Gray v-neck and jeans.

Favorite Place To Hang Out: Anywhere his friends are.

Favorite Sport: Football.

Favorite Superhero: Nightwing.

_this or that_

Cats or Dogs: Dogs.

Coffee or Tea: Coffee.

Pool or Beach: Beach.

Mystic Falls or New Orleans: New Orleans.

New York or California: New York.

The Vampire Diaries or The Originals or Pretty Little Liars or Teen Wolf: The Originals.

Vampire, Werewolves, Witches, Hybrids, Immortals or Heretics: Hybrids.

Elena or Katherine: He loves them equally.

Silas or Stefan: Silas.

Hulu, Netflix, Both or Other: Both.

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