The Wild Rose ( A Final Fantasy 2 fanfic)

This time it's inspired by FF2

Chapter 1

Prologue: Family problems

When you look at our family photos you see a smiling,happy family of me,my sister Louise and Mom-but that couldn't be further from the truth.Becuase Mom's last boyfriend dumped her and took the house,we had to live with her friend Missy.You think that's bad enough? Oh no,it gets worse!My sister is a total brat.Worse still,Mom still brings strange guys over.Now does she even think to ask me and Louise's opinion,or even get a background check? No! Easier to just bring men home and throw caution to the wind! Stupid tramp! She's putting both me and my sister in danger!Selfish,heartless, cold hag! No maternal instincts whatsoever! You can see we have problems that would take a miracle to fix because of her!

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