Love Knows No Color (An Original Poem)

You all know I come from a racist family, IE this story: Anyways, when my racist aunt decided to strike again, I decided to write a poem about it. My date to homecoming is a friend of mine who looks black but is also part Latino. I'm pretty much all white. My bigoted aunt said "black birds should stay with black birds and doves should stay with doves" which pissed me off so much

Chapter 1

Love Knows No Color

Our relationship is a curly-haired guy,

And a curly-haired girl,

Our relationship is two complete nerds,

Each taking double science classes.

Our relationship is a red rose corsage,

And a red rose boutonniere.

Our relationship is deep brown eyes,

Lost in a pair of emeralds.

Our relationship is a hand, dark like ebony,

Holding another white as snow.

Our relationship is that surprise,

That “Oh… wasn’t expecting this…”

Our relationship is “She’s white?”

And “Wait, he’s black?”

Our relationship is rolling our eyes,

When someone makes a comment about our contrasting skin.

Our relationship is not caring when hearing,

“Black birds stay with black birds and doves stay with doves.”

Our relationship is an epic, movie-like romance,

A love that knows no color.


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