Stefan will not be dead in this one

This is originally fictional, please keep rude comments to yourselves, sorry if it sucks and thank you so much for your time

Chapter 3

Tatia Mikaelson (After dinner)

After dinner Stefan drove Nathaniel, Nikolina and I back to the apartment and I watched my cousin help my one year old daughter get ready for bed before hugging Nathan promising I wouldn't be late then heading out to meet my "inner circle" for's a tradition we've had since we were teenagers (originally), I'd go to dinner with my family then meet my friends to discuss dinner with my family every single Sunday since my little brother was three.

I walk into the coffee shop after parking my car, order my hot tea as my family drinks tea (it's a European thing), find a seat and wait for my friends

As per usual Angela and Clarke arrive together first then Avery and Victoria arrive and it makes me smile knowing they all could make it I added Avery though she's not apart of the story to be even because Wes didn't pick me as a "Best Friend" the four hugged me back before ordering their coffee and taking a seat as well

We sat in a small circle and it felt nice to be kinda the center of attention once again

"I told them" I said to Clarke and Angela as Avery and Victoria were getting our drink orders

"How'd they take it" Angela asked

"I think they're disappointed I didn't show up with Chris instead of Nathan but they seem to like Nina, I think they'll accept her as a Mikaelson" I said honestly

Angela and Clarke nodded in understanding

"They accepted Hope" Clarke said

"Right but Hope half Mikaelson, Niklaus is second generation....she has no connection to them" I said honestly once more

"She has you" Angela said

I smiled Angela's always my protector, it's like Ali and Emily on Pretty Little Liars except we'll never end up together because we love each other but we aren't into girls

"And they only accepted me because like Hope is my Uncle Niklaus', I am my mom's" I said before accepting my tea from Avery

"Nina doesn't have to be whole Mikaelson or half Mikaelson, if you love her and we know you do, they'll come around" Clarke said causing me to smile grateful for my friends

"I think Uncle Kol and my mom might accept her before anyone else will, although if Uncle Kol knew the truth about me...that might change things" I said taking a mouthful of my tea

"He'd be stupid to let fear get in the way now after all these years" Angela said

I nodded understanding the statement I just wished it felt easier, I wished I knew how they truly felt about my daughter or me being a teenage single mother but I refused to read their minds at dinner tonight to afraid of rejection...them rejecting me for it would hurt but the thought of my family rejecting my daughter for lack of having a father present would kill me

"Maybe Clarke can talk to Chris about spending time with Nina, not a day but maybe a couple hours to start...he can get to know his daughter and hopefully over time it might help him get over his fear of being a teenage dad then you two can reunite and your family can see everything's going to be just fine" Angela suggested when I hadn't spoken to her last statement

"Would you talk to Chris, Clarke? I would never dream of pressuring him...I told him before Nina was born her pregnancy wasn't a trap. I promised if he wanted to walk away i'd let him that's how much I love him...but Nina deserves to know her Father, if not on a full time basis then just so when she asked why her dad wasn't around, if it's because he didn't love her or something...I can at least say he tried" I said honestly turning to Clarke

"I'm having lunch with my siblings tomorrow, I'll try to talk to him before my sisters arrive" Clarke promised causing me to smile with a small nod

We finished our coffees and shared another hug before leaving the coffee shop promising to see each other next week

I drove back to my apartment, whipped my face to hide the fact I had been crying all the way home, parked my car and headed inside

I walked inside to find a glass of blood on the counter from Nathaniel with a note saying he'd see me after breakfast with his friends the next day

I drank my blood, checked on my daughter and got ready for bed really exhausted

"Grandfather would of loved us both...we aren't Vampires and we aren't that close to our Hybrid uncle who was his step son" I said lying down before letting sleep over take me with a smile on my lips knowing that for now that has to be enough

I just hope my family never learns i'm more my father's daughter then I am a Mikaelson or the fear of rejection might come to pass

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