Stefan will not be dead in this one

This is originally fictional, please keep rude comments to yourselves, sorry if it sucks and thank you so much for your time

Chapter 2

Stefan Salvatore Junior (Introduction)

Every Sunday my family has this tradition where no matter what issues/drama goes on in our lives during the week, everything gets put aside so that we can come together...the Salvatores, the Mikaelsons, my mom's inner circle, my uncle and Aunt Freya's girlfriends for one big happy family dinner.

The tradition started when I was three, mom thought it would be a great way to keep the truce alive between the Mikaelsons and Salvatores seeing as my father and my uncle Niklaus had once again became best friends

During our Sunday night dinners news is shared because it's the only night the other members of our family have to react without screaming

Mother told us she was going to have my little sister Ally on a Sunday during dinner, I was three and as I said the tradition continued

Last year during a Sunday dinner Tatia told everyone she and Nathaniel were going to move out on their own though Mikaelsons only temporary live alone and only when there seems to be no other options available...but mom agreed to let her go knowing Tatia would reveal her reasons for leaving when she was ready

This year it's my turn, see my secret is that I'm gay. I've known since I was 14, guys my age where hitting on girls and thinking of having s^x, the only thing I ever wanted to do with a girl is go shopping and watch reality's what I do with my sisters...but this year I'm getting ready to go off to college and sooner or later I might want to bring a boy home to meet my family and I'd like to do it without the awkwardness of them not knowing the truth

I know mom will understand she's always wanted a gay son but it's my dad and the rest of my family I'm worried about

Currently it's Sunday afternoon so I know I have til tonight to come up with a plan but I thought I'd start simple...I'm going to tell my older sister and my best friend then tonight I'll tell everyone else and hopefully when I do I'll at least have two people to stand by my side

I walk out of my room and head downstairs texting Tatia that I really need to talk to her and that I can be over her place in five minutes forgetting Gilberts though honorary family are not allowed to Sunday dinners...immediate family only so rules say

"Glad you texted, going to share something with the family tonight, Nathan says I should start small" Tatia text back as I reach the front door and leave the compound

I blink finding Thomas leaning against my car as I walk down the steps leading to the front gates

"Hey I thought we could get some lunch" Thomas says

"can't gotta talk to Tia bafore tonight...oh wait I gotta tell you something" I say walking over to him

"Ok" he says

"I'm gay...I just need you to know" I said honestly

Thomas nodded his understanding before taking a minute to process my words

"I gotta meet Tia, breakfast tomorrow" I ask

"Tomorrow" Thomas promises before I climb in my car and drive to Tatia's

I get to Tatia's, park my car, climb out, take a breath and walk upstairs to her apartment before knocking on the door

"On three or should we talk it through?" Tatia asked opening the door

"May I come in?" I ask

She nods and allows me inside

Later Tatia, Nathaniel, my niece Nikolina and I arrive at the compound via my car before heading inside

Apart from a little crying we both took each other's news very well, Tatia and I

The four of us walk in to find the Mikaelsons, the Salvatores, mom's inner circle and the girlfriends have arrived

"Ready?" I ask Tatia as Nathaniel walks around saying hello to everyone else

She takes Nikolina into her arms before nodding with a slight unsure sigh until Nathaniel rejoins us taking her hand in his

"Are you?" Tatia asks and I can hear the unspoken thought though she's the one who can read minds

'I can leave if this goes badly have to live here'

I sigh now as well before offering my arm to my older sister as Jacob and Ally walk into the room

"Let's go" Jacob says

The four of us nod before the 6 of us walk into the dining hall

I want to stop walking as all eyes turn to Tatia and I as Jacob and Ally take their seats while Nathaniel pours the three of us drinks

"Should we start with new business?" Aunt Freya asks the three of us

Nathaniel squeezes Tatia's hand as she pulls my niece closer to her

"I'm gay, I wanted you all to know in case I meet a boy off at college" I say hoping to take everyone's eyes off Tatia for a moment feeling her anxiety

"you're joking?" My uncle Damon said causing my mother and godmother to glare slightly at him

"We love you no matter who you choose to love, right Stefan" mom says

"Um right, of course" Dad says but I can feel that no matter how with the times he is, it can never change how old fashioned he is either

I nod my acceptance for now before hugging Tatia with a "good luck" and take my seat

I watch everyone's eyes once more land on my older sister and the baby in her arms

"Is the baby yours Tia?" I find it funny it's Ally asking because she's the youngest of us all so I'm not used to her speaking when she doesn't feel it's necessary out of fear no one will listen and if they do they might feel offended she spoke at all.

"Yes, she's mine...her name's Nikolina" Tatia says after Nathaniel reassures her that everything is alright

"Whose the Father?" Mother asks though we're all quite sure we know the answer already

"It's Christopher Parker, you meet him a couple years back mom...he took me to a movie" Tatia said

Mon nodded her understandIng before my Father spoke now

"Why didn't he come to dinner...did he not know you would be telling us?" Dad asked

Jacob and I shared a look, Dad never knew about Jacob until we all thought he was dead and even then Dad loved him with all his heart...thank god for witchcraft

"Chris hasn't decided if he's ready to be a Father yet, but Nathan's been the best Godfather to Nina" Tatia said causing my uncle Kol to smirk

"Father's over rated" Uncle Kol said causing Nathaniel and Tatia to smile as Nikolina giggled a little

"So what happens now...I thought you wanted to go to school and make something of yourself" mom said turning to Tatia

"Maybe i'll be a Socialite like you...mother" Tatia said

Mom gave off another glare but nodded

"Let's get Nikolina some food, sister" Aunt Freya said standing from her seat next to Keelin, mom was reluctant but followed Aunt Freya none the less

"Gotta love Sundays" Jacob said causing me to smirk and Tatia to giggle as Nathaniel took another sip of his drink

Five minutes later we all sat down to dinner greatful there was a no fighting rule in place

*next chapter Stefan Jr. meets Luke Lockwood...sorry if this one sucked, I wasn't sure how to start but I knew I wanted to start with a family dinner of some kind*

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