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Chapter 2


Sirens broke the silence that she once stood in, the calm before the storm. They wailed like a banshee as Peter’s wife realised that this was not a nightmare. It was a living hell. The doorbell sang its melodious tune and immediately she rushes to the door, hands still shaking. Before she could get there, the doorbell rang again followed by hammering on the door. She opened the door.

One officer temporarily stayed outside and put up ‘CAUTION’ tape surrounding the house to warn people off – by this time a small crowd had surrounded the house wondering why Police had been called. It make the house feel more claustrophobic, as if it was stuck behind a barrier that no-one could save you from. Four officers entered the house, all armed and it was clear they were wearing stab vests. One officer stopped next to the female as the three others searched the house. As the officer and female conversed, voices shouting ‘clear’ as they went through the house were heard. Shortly after, it was confirmed that the house was empty.

“This is important. Have you seen or heard anybody in this house?” an officer said. This officer had dark hair slicked back and stubble above his lip calling to be shaved.

“No, nothing’ the woman started before bursting into tears once more.  

‘What is your name Madame?” questioned the officer.

“Lily. It’s Lily Hyde.”

“Ms Hyde, do you know anybody who would intentionally harm Peter?”

“I had heard a vitriolic conversation between him and a close friend of his a few days before but he wouldn’t kill him. I can’t think of anybody who would kill him. I can’t think of anybody who would ever hate him?”

“What is this ‘close friend’s’ name? It may be important in our investigation.”

“Benji, Benji Carter, I think.”

“Thank you.” The officer replied whilst scribbling the name down in a notebook. “It will easier to take an official statement at the station. Would this be convenient for you?”


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