#Story 1

Welcome to my story!

Chapter 1


Nothing could take back what she just saw. Her eyes were brimming with tears but stayed fixed in front of her as the furrows of her brow deepened. One salty tear followed the contours of her face then soaked into her pashmina scarf.

More tears spilt down her face leaving wet tracks where the beads of water once lay. A shiver danced down her spine. Her stomach churned. She felt her phone in her pocket and tried to pull it out but she was frozen: frozen with fear; nauseous with fear. She tensed her muscles and slowly took a step forward, and another. Paranoia engulfed her. She focussed on her senses: the sound of her kitten heels against the parquet floor, the sharp pain of her nails digging into the palm of her hands and the faint smell of something rotting.

She continued walking down the corridor until she reached a door, which was slightly ajar, revealing a head she knew so well. Slowly, she lifted a sweaty hand which shook violently as she pushed open the door in front of her. A pool of blood surrounded the body, congealing at the edges, and stained the clothes this man wore in his last minutes. A lump came to her throat as her sobs echoed throughout the empty house as she stared into the dark blank eyes that belonged to her husband.

“Peter…no, no…”


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