My Weight Gain

How I went from a normal sized 22 year old to, well.... me.

Chapter 1: 167 lbs.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

That morning I showered and put on some skinny jeans and a belly shirt. I'm not skinny or fit, but I have a little fat.

Then I thought, all this about holding in my little tummy, watching my calories and never eating how much I really want to?

"No way!" I said out loud, relaxing my belly. My belly only sticks out a quarter on an inch.

"I'm gonna make this belly huge!" I think to myself. I grab my keys and walk to my car. I then drive myself to Carl's Jr.

At the window I ask for 3 cheeseburgers and a large Dr Pepper. I take them and park in the parking lot and begin gorging myself.

I ate all three and then chugged my soda. I rubbed my belly. It felt a little soft, but there wasn't enough fat for even a handful. I groaned as the fullness started to kick in a little. So I then drove to Burger King and ordered three cheeseburgers. I parked again and again, gorged myself. At this point I was genuinely stuffed. Then my phone rang. It was my boyfriend.

"Hey honey," I said when I answered. I was so stuffed that my words were slurred.

"Want to get something to eat?" He asked.

"Honestly I just ate." I replied.

"That's ok, you could stand to gain a few pounds." He replied.

"Sure..." I replied. "We're at?"

"I was thinking maybe, Buffalo Wild Wings?" He said.

"Sure!" I said. Forgetting my fullness. I love that place.

"So in an hour?" He asked.

"Sure!" I replied. "I'll be there."

When the call ended I moaned, rubbing my belly. I was feeling really tired so I set my alarm and fell asleep in the car.

When my alarm woke me up I looked at my belly. It was hanging over my pants! It had never hung over my pants before. I started my car and drove to Buffalo Wild Wings.

When I got out of my car I looked down and saw my belly was sticking out more then it ever had before, and it was jigging a little, but I wasn't going to hold it in. When I found my boyfriends table, I noticed he was staring at my belly the entire time I was walking up.

"Hey you look really good!" He said.

"Thanks.. I said. "But I'm not going to be ale to eat alot, because I ate six cheeseburgers earlier."

"Six!" He replied. "Jesus Robin. Why?"

"Well, I'm trying to gain weight." I replied, sitting next to him. He looks at my belly that is slightly hanging over my skinny jeans. He rubbs my belly, squeezing it.

"You have a long way to go" he said.

"I know." I replied.

Then the waiter came and placed a huge platter of meat in front of us.

I immediately grabbed one and devoured it in seconds grabbing another. And another. Until I'm bloated again. I lean back moaning.

"C'mon you almost finished them all. He said.

"I need a beer." I said.

"Ok" he replied, getting up to go get one.

A few minutes he returned with it. I quickly downed half of it and continued eating. I finally finished the whole platter of meat. I then downed the rest of the beer and moaned again.

"I'm done... I'm going..." I said, standing up. "Bye honey" I said walking away. By belly wasent huge, but it was big and swollen. I got in my car, drive home, undressed and immediately went to bed for the night.


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