Bonds Of Friendship

Clarissa Sætre Parker has never necessarily been a friendly person. While she does have a few friends, her best friends, Hope and Ian, her almost sorta boyfriend, Nathaniel, and her many siblings, she's always been more interested in reading.

High School does not allow you to be lonely, oh, no, suddenly you've got friends coming at you from every corner, regardless of if you want them or not.

(Alternate reality universe where everyone is human and the supernatural doesn't exist. )

Chapter 2

Other Characters

Raven Saetre (Portrayed by Alexandria Daddario)

Octavia Saetre (Portrayed by Lucy Hale)

Katerina and Alexia (Portrayed by Marie Avgeropoulos)

Caylen Mikaelson ( Portrayed by Thomas Doherty)

Mia Salvatore (Portrayed by Rowan Blanchard)

Merissa Salvatore (Portrayed by Selena Gomez)

Matthew Salvatore (Portrayed by Matthew Daddario)

Stefan Salvatore Junior (Portrayed by Cameron Boyce)

Thomas Avery Gilbert (Portrayed by Tom Holland)

Joseph Jackson Mikaelson (Portrayed by Peyton Meyer)

Richard Salvatore Mikaelson (Portrayed by Mitchell Hope)

Bellamy Parker (Portrayed by Herman Tommeraas)

George Anthony (Portrayed by Devon Bostick)

Danielle Claire (Portrayed by Maia Mitchell)

Roman (Portrayed by Austin Butler)

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