Bonds Of Friendship

Clarissa Sætre Parker has never necessarily been a friendly person. While she does have a few friends, her best friends, Hope and Ian, her almost sorta boyfriend, Nathaniel, and her many siblings, she's always been more interested in reading.

High School does not allow you to be lonely, oh, no, suddenly you've got friends coming at you from every corner, regardless of if you want them or not.

(Alternate reality universe where everyone is human and the supernatural doesn't exist. )

Chapter 1

Directory of Characters and Faceclaims

Main Characters:

Clarke Parker

Parents: Daisy (Saetre Mikaelson) && Malachai Parker. Siblings: Christopher Parker (Older Paternal Half Brother), Kayla and Bellamy Parker (Paternal Half Siblings they're all the same age), Raven Saetre Mikaelson (Younger Maternal Half Sister), Octavia Saetre Mikaelson (Youngest Maternal Half Sister), George Anthony Parker (Adopted Paternal Older Brother).

Age: 16

Faceclaim: Josefine Frida Petterson

Love Interest: Nathaniel Mikaelson

Hope Mikaelson

Parents: Hayley (Marshall-Kenner) && Klaus Mikaelson. Siblings: Joseph Jackson Mikaelson (Younger Paternal Half Brother via Klaus and Melissa), Merissa Salvatore (Step sister), Angela Lockwood (Step sister)

Age: 17.

Faceclaim: AnnaSophia Robb

Love Interest: Roman

Ian Salvatore

Parents: Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert. Siblings: Mia Salvatore (Twin Sister), Boone Salvatore Mikaelson (Older Paternal Half Brother), Fiona Salvatore Mikaelson (Older Paternal Half Sister), Merissa Salvatore (Oldest Paternal Half Sister) Richard Salvatore Mikaelson (Younger Paternal Half Brother).

Age: 15

Faceclaim: Logan Lerman

Love Interest: Raven Saetre Mikaelson

Chloe Mikaelson Salvatore

Parents: Kol Mikaelson and Allison Salvatore Mikaelson. Siblings: Caylen Mikaelson Salvatore (Younger Brother), Nathaniel and Danielle Mikaelson (Younger Paternal Twin Siblings)

Age: 16

Faceclaim: Lisa Teige

Love Interest: Bellamy Parker

Tatia Mikaelson

Parents: Stefan Salvatore and Angela Mikaelson. Siblings: Jacob Salvatore (Older step brother), Katerina and Alexia Salvatore Mikaelson (Younger Maternal half twin sisters), Matthew Mikaelson Salvatore (Younger Maternal Half Brother), and Stefan Salvatore Junior (Youngest Maternal half Brother)

Age: 17

Faceclaim: (Kids don't usually look exactly like their parents.) Miley Cyrus

Love Interest: Christopher Parker

Fiona Salvatore Mikaelson

Parents: Damon Salvatore and Wesley Mikaelson Salvatore. Siblings: Merissa Salvatore (Older Paternal Half Sister) Ian and Mia Salvatore (Younger Paternal Half Twin Siblings), Boone Salvatore Mikaelson (Older brother), Richard Salvatore Mikaelson (Younger brother)

Age: 17

Faceclaim: Sofia Carson

Love Interest: Thomas Avery Gilbert

Angela Lockwood

Parents: Melissa Mikaelson and Tyler Lockwood. Siblings: Merissa Salvatore (Older Maternal Half Sister), Hope Mikaelson (Step sister), Joseph Jackson Mikaelson (Younger Maternal Half Brother).

Age: 15

Faceclaim: Sabrina Carpenter

Love Interest: Jacob Salvatore

Chris Parker

Parents: George Dowling and Kai Parker. Siblings: Clarissa Saetre Parker (Younger Paternal Half Sister), Kayla and Bellamy Parker (Younger Paternal Half Twin Siblings), George Anthony Parker (Youngest Adopted Paternal Sibling),

Age: 17

Faceclaim: Drew Roy

Love Interest: Tatia Mikaelson

Kayla Parker

Parents: Amelia Hale Carter and Kai Parker. Siblings: Christopher Parker (Older Paternal Half brother), Clarissa Saetre Parker (Paternal Half Sister), Bellamy Parker (Twin Brother), George Anthony Parker (Youngest Adopted Half Paternal Sibling)

Age: 16

Faceclaim: Willa Fitzgerald

Love Interest: Boone Salvatore Mikaelson

Jacob Salvatore

Parents: Stefan Salvatore and Valerie Tulle. Siblings: Tatia Mikaelson (Younger Step sister), Katerina and Alexia Salvatore (Younger Paternal Half Sisters), Matthew Mikaelson Salvatore (Younger Paternal Half Brother), Stefan Salvatore Junior (Youngest Paternal Half Brother)

Age: 18

Faceclaim: Uriah Shelton

Love Interest: Angela Lockwood

Nathaniel Mikaelson

Parents: Kol Mikaelson and Davina Claire. Siblings: Danielle Claire Mikaelson (Twin sister), Chloe Mikaelson Salvatore (Older Paternal Half Sister), Caylen Mikaelson Salvatore (Younger Paternal Half Brother)

Age: 17

Faceclaim: Thomas Hayes

Love Interest: Clarke Parker

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