Jack Frost for Christmas (I've wanted to write this story forever! Read Intro for the funny story behind it)

Okay, so I was talking with my mom who's been watching a lot of Hallmark movies lately. I won't lie, some Hallmark movies are so bad they're good. I've always wanted to write a sappy, romantic Christmas story like a Hallmark movie and I finally did it! I kinda hate myself for letting my Hallmark side come through, but at the same time, writing this story made me happy so I shouldn't care haha.

Chapter 1

New Life, New Friend

I took a breath and pulled away from the ornaments on the tree. I needed a break. Collapsing on the couch in the library reading corner felt like heaven. My watch read seven-forty-five, which meant I’d put in five and a half hours of work setting up the still-not-ready Christmas party in the library. Setting the party on Christmas Eve was a great idea on the part of the library, but having set-up on the twenty-second, the last day of school before winter-break was a terrible idea. I was the only person volunteering to set up, which explains why it was taking so long. Still, I didn’t mind. Christmas and I have a love-hate relationship. The love part of me really enjoyed pinning up lights and laying out snowman cookies. There’s just this warm, and jovial feeling that fills the air in December. The hate part of me just wanted to crash on this couch and never get back up. Christmas is the reason I lived everyday like Harry Potter did at the Dursleys.

It was ten years ago, but I can still feel the chill down my spine thinking about the night my life came tumbling around me. My parents left me with a babysitter so they could go a Christmas dinner at my mother’s office. I can still picture the babysitter’s face go ghostly pale and hear the clunk of the phone on the floor when the police called, letting us know that they had been in a fatal car accident. A drunk driver on icy roads claimed the lives of the only family I had, or so I had thought.

After a few days of staying with the babysitter and her family, and the worst Christmas of my life, the court decided I would go to my mother’s aunt and uncle who lived nearly seven hours away. I remember the lawyer appointed to represent my best interest said that anything was better than being in the foster care system. A day with my Great Aunt Vivian and Great Uncle Roger proved that he was wrong. They never had any kids, they didn’t know the first thing about being nurturing or compassionate. They tried to pretend I wasn’t there. Any fidgets, noises, complaints, even speaking was forbidden. I can’t begin to describe all the terrorizing things they did that left me frightened beyond belief the whole time I lived there.

“You’re lucky we give you a place to live. No one wants a worthless, disgusting, maggot like you,” Aunt Vivian would constantly repeat.

They started me at school as soon as winter break ended, despite the fact that I wasn’t even close to being ready. I was a shy girl to begin with, but the abuse I received at my new home drove me to the point of nearly being mute. I barely said anything on my first day of second grade. I could feel myself blushing as red as my hair while my teacher introduced me to the class. To add insult to injury, she sat me next to the only kid in the room without a desk-buddy. Jack Nilsen. She whispered that I might be a good influence on him, since he was known for being a complete goof.

At first, I tried to ignore all his goofiness. I wouldn’t pay any attention to his jokes, or doodles, or him calling me “red” and “the green-eyed monster”. Finally he realized I wasn’t going to be a part of it. Jack actually ended up sitting with me at lunch, playing with me on the playground, and walking out with me that afternoon.

“You don’t say much, but I like you. We’re gonna be best friends,” He told me as we split off.

I only nodded bashfully.

“Oh by the way, I need to know your name.”

“Melody Mirabelle Cortez…” I barely whispered.

He smiled, “That’s too long. I’m just calling you Mel.”

To this day, everyone except the evil aunt and uncle call me Mel.

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