A Stellar Romance ( Spectrobes Fanfic)

This one was inspired by a video game called Spectrobes. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Prologue: A Space Nutcase

Have you ever had a best friend who's totally obsessed with aliens? I live with one every day. James is either watching sci-fi movies about aliens,talking about them,or trying to get proof of them.Today he brought a movie home, Aliens V.s Predators. I rolled my eyes. "Ugh," I groaned as I face palmed," James we've been over this! There is no such thing as aliens! Give it a rest you crazy loon!"

"They're out there! I swear!"

I felt bad for his girlfriend Harley. Normally I didn't condone cheating-but I could totally understand why she would.

I gave her a sympathetic look." There's someone out there for everyone."

Haha...listen to me,giving love advice when the guys I date always cheat on me with my mother! I never knew just how out there the right person for me was........

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