Vampire Diaries- The Next Generation

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our friends can join us if interested

Chapter 5

Lunch with Clarke...and Chris?

I drove to Mystic Falls, my daughter sleeping in the backseat since Nathaniel was busy helping Angela move into our apartment

When I reached the Mystic Falls Grill; I pulled into the parking lot, turned off the book on tape I was listening to, grabbed my purse, climbed out of the car then unbuckled Nikolina's seat belt waking her up before taking my little girl into my arms and locking the car

I walked into the grill and smiled when I spotted Clarke who was waving me over

"Sorry we're late, it's not like I can drive like a vampire" I said teasingly referencing to the first twilight book Clarke, Angela and I were obessessed with when we were younger

As I waited for Clarke's response I placed Nikolina in the high chair the waiter brought over for her then turned to blink as I finally noticed my boyfriend sitting next to one of my best friends/his half sister

"Hi Chris, I didn't know you'd be joining us" I said honestly

"Clarke invitee me, I hope that's ok?" Chris said

I nodded

I had missed him, of course lunch with him would be ok with me if it really was ok with him

"Nina and I are starving after that 14 hour drive" I said turning back to Clarke who nodded smiling at my daughter

I finally sat down on the seat next to Nikolina's high chair and opened my menu

When our waiter returned I ordered Nikolina a milk because i'm not sure yet what else baby's can eat, usually Nathaniel feeds her before he goes out 'hunting', I then asked for a hot tea and a glass of blood for myself luckily my compulsion was working this time around because I never want another waiter to freak out just because I need human blood to survive

Our waiter nodded before turning his attention to Chris and Clarke to get their orders and I smiled remembering my friends liked human food...maybe I'd order myself a cheese burger and fries to try later after lunch, perhaps Nathaniel will want to try it with me

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