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Chapter 2

Tatia Mikaelson (2 part chapter)


I thought it was time to write a Tatia/Nathaniel story to display their bond properly (it's not meant to be gross)

I love every single member of my family simply because they are my family

I love my friends like family mostly because for a very long time I was an only child until my mother blessed me with siblings

I always felt alone in this world til I met my best and closeest friends and formed an inner circle of my very own

I never thought I was made to be a mom mostly because I hated every kid I saw until the day my daughter was born and she became my main concern

I never believed in love until I met Chris and then he became one of the most important people in my life

whose the most important? you might be asking

that's easy it's my cousin Nathaniel

Nathaniel and I have been Best friends/Cousins since the day he was born, maybe even before that I could hear his thoughts in my head while my Aunt Davina was still pregnant with him

We protect each other, keep each other company, know each other's secrets, let the other cry on our shoulders when we're upset and more importantly then all of that no one comes first in our eyes just as no one could ever break our bound

Our bond is so strong the day my daughter was born I named my cousin her Godfather and the day he found out he was going to have a son time jump he named me his Godmother...I promised both Angela and Nathaniel I would always keep my Godson safe especially because Nathaniel's girlfriend Clarke who just happened to be a "best friend" of mine and Angela's could never find out he existed, since Nathaniel worried she might kill him if she did (the baby not my cousin, she'd have me and the Mikaelson Family to answer to if she tried hurting Nathaniel)

Nathaniel and I hope one day our kids will be as close as we are or even better as close as my mom and Nathaniel's dad are

Nathan calls me Tia, he was the first to do it, it was his first word actually...mom said "Tatia come help your Aunt with dinner" and as I started to leave the room Nathaniel cried out "Tia" I smiled and carried him with me to the kitchen where he sat as I helped Aunt Freya with dinner

I call him Nathan, it just sounds cuter than Nathaniel to me though my best friend Angela calls him Nate, I giggle a little though deep down I think it's cute

I hope this is enough so you can at least get a picture in your minds about what their bond truly looks like

Chapter 1: Another Secret To Make Their Bound Stronger

I morphed a photo of Melissa and "Kol" together to see what their future grandchild might look like

I woke up one morning a year after Nikolina was born, climbed out of bed and walked to mine and Nathaniel's shared hallway bathroom needing to pee

I walked into the bathroom to find one of my best friends/god cousin Angela Lockwood kneeling on my bathroom floor hugging the toilet

"Hang over?" I guessed as Nathaniel got up to check on my daughter

"Stomach bug I think but i've been puking on and off since 2 Am last night...at one point I just thought it best to sleep in here" Angela said

"Nathan, we gotta take Ange to the hospital...she's been sick for 4 hours" I yelled out the bathroom door

"Off and on...more on then off though" Angela said once again sticking her head into the toilet to puke

"And bring a bucket...just in case"

5 minutes later Angela, Nathaniel, Nikolina and I were dressed, in the car and on our way to the hospital

"Nina needs her flu shot" Nathaniel said as I stopped at a red light then honked at the car that had speed in front of us as Angela puked a little into her bucket

"After we get my friend checked out" I said not taking my eyes off the road

The light turned green and Nathaniel's phone vibrated with a call from Clarke

"She doesn't know does she?" I asked

"She stayed over ian's last night" Angela says into the bucket

Nathaniel rolls his eyes as I continue to drive

Nathaniel hits ignore not sure why Clarke would be up at 6 in the morning almost 7 or how he should explain as we pull up to the hospital's ER parking lot

"Take Ange, I got Nina" I say after parking the car

Nathaniel nods and helps my friend out of the car

I watch the two before taking my daughter into my arms and locking my car as my phone rings with a call from Clarke

"Hey CP...bad timing" I say

My mom used to give her inner circle nicknames so I decided i'd do the same with mine

CP is my nickname for Clarke since she gave herself the nickname Clarke a long time ago seeing as her birth name is Clarissa Sætre Parker

"Sorry, I called Nathaniel to maybe meet up for breakfast but he didn't pick up, so I was hoping I could call you" Clarke said

"Oh gee hun, breakfast would be awesome sadly Nathan and I aren't home we had to run Ange over to the emergency room...stomach bug, she's been puking all night" I said honestly

"Oh no, well can I do anything...do you need someone to watch Nina?" Clarke asked

"Um no actually she's here with us...Nathan and I didn't know you were awake" I said honestly again as I leaned against my car

"Yeah, I'm up...I stayed at Ian's last night, we fell asleep watching a movie" Clarke said

"Come on CP, I don't have to be there to know you're lying" I said sensing something was off about her lie which is rare for a Parker but I've been with her older half brother for almost three years now...though he's been away a year, we didn't break up that technically still makes him my boyfriend and Chris is never very good at lying espically to me

"Ok so we did more than that but Nathaniel's not innocent either" Clarke said

"Nathaniel is Kol Mikaelson's son, he literally is the old Kol before my Aunt Davina came into my uncle's life and saved him...are you going to be the one to save Nathan" I said/asked as I got a text from Nathaniel that they were being called in now and that he'd text me after the tests were taken

"I don't know" Clarke said

I could hear her lean against her car as I texted Nathaniel back an "ok thanks, just talking to Clarke"

"Well, I think that's something you have to figure out hun...you Parkers can't keep running away sooner or later us Mikaelsons are going to get tired of waiting for you to come back and eventually we'll stop hoping you do" I said honestly

Clarke nodded her understandIng

"How about lunch, Mystic Grill...4 o'clock" Clarke said

"Going to see Chris?' I asked

"Yeah, us Parkers need to talk again" Clarke said

"After a year" I half teased knowing they've taliked through the year he's been away but every so often the conversation revolves around Nikolina

Chris is scared to be a dad though he kept his promise to Clarke and called me, it was on my birthday last year

he promised to think about trying to wrap his head around the situation if only to ease my mind after wishing me a happy 16th birthday

I'm sure mortals would find it weird every year I turn 16 because i'm Immortal and thus can never truely age but I am and forever will be 16 though last November in human years I turned 18

he even said hi to Nikolina though it wasn't a long conversation

"Yeah, I think it's time he comes home" Clarke said

I nodded my understandIng as I got another text from Nathaniel that the test results were in

"Ok well enjoy Mystic Falls and I'll try making it to lunch" I said honestly

I felt Clarke smile as the call dropped before my daughter and I headed inside

"So what's the verdict?" I asked walking over to Angela and Nathaniel after being let into the back where they were examining people in hallways

"She's pregnant?" Nathaniel said blinking a few times

I blinked to vampires can't impregnate someone else...but then it hit me, Mikaelsons could because of Dahila's fertility spell

I hugged both of my cousins as the doctor returned with a prescription for Angela

"This should help with the vomiting" he said

Nathaniel nodded, took the slip, hugged me back, promised to meet us at the car then left

I sat next to Angela as she gathered her thoughts

"A mom at 17" she said blinking now a little

"I did it" I said honestly

Angela nodded with a smile as she looked down at my little girl who was now sleeping against my chest as we sat with her Godmother

"This has to stay between the three of us....just until I'm ready for others to know" Angela said

I nodded my understandIng having been in her position a year prior

Angela smiled then hugged me as her phone rang

We both looked down, it was a call from my older half brother...also known as Jacob Salvatore, Angela's boyfriend of the last almost 3 years

"Hi, Jake" Angela said so much like my mom with the nicknames as well

"Hey Ange, Clarke called me and said you weren't feeling well...I thought I'd meet you at Tia's and try to help" Chris said as Nikolina and I lead Angela back out to the car where Nathaniel was waiting for us

"I'm fine babe, it was just an upset stomach" Angela said using her Mom's petname for people to compensate for the fact she didn't want him to worry

"Well if you're sure" Jacob said

"I'm sure, but let's meet up for lunch...say Cami's, 4 pm?" Ange asked

"Yeah ok, i'll be there...take it easy sweetheart, love you" Jacob said sounding so much like my step father whenever he talks to my mom over the phone because he's off with his brother or my uncle

"I love you too, bye" Angela says as Nathaniel helps me get my daughter settled back into the car

"Bye" Jacob says before the call drops

Angela takes a pill with a little bit of water to settle her stomach before the three of us climbed back into the car ourselves

"Ange can move into the guest room...this secret stays between us until you guys are ready to tell the rest of the family" I said pulling out of the parking lot after we all buckled in

Nathaniel smirks at me before turning to Angela

"We'll drop Tia and Nina off then i'll help you get your things from your mom's...we need to talk" Nathaniel told Angela who nodded her understandIng

The moment we returned home, I gave Nathaniel the keys, hugged both my friends, grabbed my daughter and headed inside

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