Vampire Diaries- The Next Generation

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Chapter 1


Birth Name: Tatiana Angel Mikaelson

Choosen Name Tatia Mikaelson

Nickname: Tia

Petname(s) Angel and Muffin (Angel by Family and friends)/Muffin (by Chris)

Alias: Angel Salvatore

Gender: Female

Status: Alive

Martial Status: Dating (it's complicated)

Age: 18

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Birthday: November 14th the day her Father died, only a year later

Birthplace: Athens, Greece her mom was traveling when she went into labor with Tatia

Current Residence: New Orleans, Louisiana

Vacation Home: Berkeley, California

Appearance: 5'7", 95 lbs, long wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes with flecks of green in them. 

Personality: a maniuplative and clever girl next door 

Title: Saint Tia 

Reputation: The Best of both Angela and Silas

Species: Immortal Heretic

Best Friends: Angela Lockwood, Clarke Parker, Nathaniel Mikaelson and Christopher Parker 

Close Friends: Jacob Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore Junior, Ally Salvatore, Merissa Salvatire, Tyler McCall, Jackson Mikaelson, Riley Mikaelson, Danielle Mikaelson, Hope Mikaelson and Roman (for Hope) 

Other Friends: Ian Salvatore, Mia Salvatore, Avery Gilbert, Thomas Gilbert, Victoria Donovan, Luke Lockwood, Brianne Lockwood, Raven Mikaelson, Octavia Mikaelson, Michael St John, Josie Saltzman and Lizzie Saltzman 

Adult Friends: Angela Mikaelson, Kol Mikaelson, Elijah Mikaelson, Davina Claire, Elena Gilbert, Jeremy Gilbert, Silas, Stefan Salvatore, Damon Salvatore, Avery, Chastity, Daisy, Melissa and Wesley 

Love Interest: Christopher Parker

Lover: none 

Family: Silas (Father), Angela Mikaelson (Mother), Stefan Salvatore (Step Father), Mikael (Grandfather), Esther (Grandmother), Freya and Rebekah (Maternal Aunts), Avery, Chastity, Daisy, Melissa and Wesley (Maternal Honorary Aunts), Elijah, Niklaus, Kol and Henrik (Maternal Uncles), Marcellus, Davina and Riley (Adoptive Cousins), Nathaniel, Danielle, Hope, Jackson, Raven and Octavia (Maternal Cousins), Ian, Mia, Fiona and Bonne (Maternal Step Cousins/Paternal Distantly Related Cousins), Merissa, Angela, Tyler, Clarke, Avery, Thomas and Victoria (Honorary Maternal Cousins), Sarah Nelson Salvatore and Tom Avery (Paternal Distantly Related Family), Jacob Salvatore (Step Brother), Stefan Salvatore Junior (Maternal Half Younger Brother), Ally Salvatore (Maternal Half Younger Sister) and Nikolina Konstantinova Mikaelson (Daughterl)

Future Family: Daniel Mikaelson (Secret Godson/Nephew via Angela and Nathaniel), Christopher Parker (Husband), Santana Parker (Youngest Daughter), Silas Parker (Oldest Son), Malachai "Kai" Parker Junior (Youngest Son), Luke Lockwood (Brother In Law via Stefan Junior), Pawel Tomasz Salvatore (Adopted Nephew via Stefan Junior), Konstantinova Salvatore (Adopted Niece via Stefan Junior), Michael St John made up character/son of Bonnie and Enzo (Brother in Law via Ally) Salvatore St John and Mikaelson St John (Nephews via Ally) 

Is Closest To: Nathaniel Mikaelson

Occupation: Socialite 

Diet: Blood from a glass like her Father

Secret: Nikolina (at first)

Most Prized Possession: the diary she kept while pregnant with her daughter

Loyalty: to her family and friends

Partner In Life: Christopher Parker

Soulmate: Clarke Parker

Shoulder To Lean On: Nathaniel Mikaelson

Other Half: Angela Lockwood

Partners In Crime: Avery Gilbert and Victoria Donovan

Side Of The War: Mikaelson they might fight but at the end of the day, against all odds, they stand together as one

Likes: helping loved ones 

Dislikes: drama 

Interests: hanging out with friends 

Talent: is a mom first 

Greatest Fear: her daughter growing up without a father/her family not accepting her children for not being "Mikaelsons"

Deepest Desire: never losing those she loves most 

Strength: Resourceful, brave, passionate and is a true friend

Weakness: jealous and has a tendency to push others away accidentally or otherwise like her Mother/Distrusting, stubborn, secretive and violent Like her Father

Power and Ability: Can Read Minds and Shapeshift

Motto: Nothing means more to me than Family 

Character Quote: "I could never have made it through any of this without Nathaniel" 

Extra: Tatia still really loves Chris even though she knows he's scared and meant what she said she would never make him stay if he wished to leave though it would hurt because her pregnancy wasn't a trap so she'd wait for however long it took Chris to be ready...hopefully he'll come back to her someday and they can be a family

Birth Name: Clarissa Sætre Parker 

Choosen Name: Clarissa Sætre 

Nickname: Clarke, CP (Tatia) 

Petname(s): Babe, darling 

Alias: Mikaela Parker 

Gender: Female 

Status: Alive 

Martial Status: Dating (it's complicated) 

Age: 17 

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 

Birthday: December 6th 

Birthplace: Mystic Falls 

Current Residence: She travels between N.O & MF 

Vacation Home: An apartment in Portland 

Appearance: 5'7, 115 lbs, Pale, Short blonde hair, Brown eyes, Usually button down shirts and/or jeans and beanies, her ears are pierced

Personality: Sociopathic Quiet Girl 

Title: Little Heretic 

Reputation: Mini Kai 

Species: Heretic 

Best Friends: Tatia Mikaelson, Angela Lockwood, Ian Salvatore & Hope Mikaelson 

Close Friends: Avery Gilbert, Victoria Donovan, Fiona Salvatore Mikaelson, Nathaniel Mikaelson, Danielle Mikaelson, Jacob Salvatore, Christopher Parker, Raven and Octavia Mikaelson. 

Other Friends: Jackson, Tyler, Tom, Mia, Ally, Claire, Boone, Richard, Lizzie and Josie. 

Adult Friends: Daisy, Kai, Klaus, Elijah, Angela, Avery, Chastity, Bonnie, Melissa and Wesley. 

Love Interest: Nathaniel Mikaelson 

Lover: Ian Salvatore 

Family: Daisy Sætre (Mother), Kai Parker (Father), All grandparents deceased, Josette, Olivia, Lucas, Joey Parker (Deceased Paternal uncles and aunts), Ashton Sætre & Mikael Sætre Nightdale (Maternal uncles), Niklaus Mikaelson (Godfather), Elijah Mikaelson (Unofficial Stepfather), Angela, Avery, Chastity, Melissa and Wesley (Aunts), Christopher Parker (Paternal half older brother), Raven and Octavia (Maternal half younger sisters), Lizzie and Josie (paternal cousins)

Future Family: Nathaniel Mikaelson (Husband), Mikaelsons (In laws), Theodosia Mia Salvatore (Oldest daughter) Philip Lafayette Mikaelson (Oldest son), Alexander Hamilton Mikaelson (Middle son), Aaron John Mikaelson (Youngest son), Maria Angelica Mikaelson (Youngest daughter) 

Is Closest To: Ian Salvatore 

Occupation: Student for now 

Diet: She's less picky than she was before. 

Secret: She's afraid of losing control / Theodosia's father (eventually) 

Most Prized Possession: Her rings from her father. 

Loyalty: To her friends and family. 

Partner In Life: Christopher Parker 

Soulmate: Tatia Mikaelson 

Shoulder To Lean On: Angela Lockwood 

Other Half: Fiona Salvatore 

Partners In Crime: Avery & Hope 

Side Of The War: None (though she's loyal to Mikaelsons she finds it easier to be neutral so her future kids don't get harmed) 

Likes: Reading, Magic, Art, Music, Spending time with friends, Nathaniel Mikaelson. 

Dislikes: Lying (though she isn't innocent of it), Loud people, Werewolves who kill vampires for no reason, witches who think they're above others, vampires who kill kids. 

Interests: Becoming Leader of the Gemini Coven (She knows there isn't one anymore but she hopes to eventually start a coven blood related or not of witches to stick together unlike the previous one) 

Greatest Fear: being locked in a prison world. 

Deepest Desire: To change Nathaniel as Davina changed Kol 

Strength: Her friends believing In her, 

Weakness: People targeting her sisters as they haven't tapped into the magic they got from their mother and therefore won't be able to defend or come back with a protection spell if they die 

Power and Ability: Spells, Magic, Has the abilities of regular Vampires & witches. 

Motto: If someone dares to hurt your loved ones, destroy them. 

Character Quote: "if you hurt my friends, we're fighting." 

Extra: She loves her parents but hopes to be better than them both

Birth Name: Angela Lockwood 

Nickname: Ange 

Petname(s): Angel and Baby 

Alias: Angel Smallwood 

Gender: Female 

Status: Alive 

Martial Status: Dating (it's complicated) 

Age: 17 

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio 

Birthday: October 31st (Halloween) 

Birthplace: Mystic Falls, Virginia 

Current Residence: New Orleans, Louisiana 

Vacation Home: Berkeley, California 

Appearance: 5'8, long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes 

Personality: Popular Privileged Party Girl Next Door 

Title: Tatia's Protector 

Reputation: Semi S(lu)t like her mom 

Species: Untriggered Werewolf 

Best Friends: Angela Mikaelson and Clarke Parker 

Close Friends: Jacob Salvatore Ally Salvatore, Merissa Salvatire, Christopher Parker, Jackson Joseph Mikaelson, Tyler McCall, Ian Salvatore, Mia Salvatore, Brianne Lockwood and Nathaniel Mikaelson 

Other Friends: Riley Mikaelson, Thomas Avery Gilbert, Avery Elena Gilbert, Victoria Donovan, Fiona Salvatore, Boone Salvatore, Danielle Mikaelson, Hope Mikaelson, Roman, Michael St John, Raven Mikaelson, Octavia Mikaelson, Josie Saltzman and Lizzie Saltzman 

Adult Friends: Angela Mikaelson, Stefan Salvatore, Melissa Cooper, Tyler Lockwood, Daisy Saetre, Avery Davis, Chastity Avery and Wesley Mikaelson 

Love Interest: Jacob Salvatore 

Lover: Nathaniel Mikaelson

Family: Angela Lockwood (Mother), Tyler Lockwood (Father), Angela Mikaelson (Godmother), Jeremy Gilbert (Godfather), Merissa Salvatore (Maternal Half Older Sister), Luke and Brianne Lockwood (Paternal Half Older Twin Siblings), Jackson Joseph Mikaelson (Maternal Half Younger Brother), Tyler McCall (Maternal Half Secret Youngest Brother), Tatia, Jacob, Stefan Junior and Ally (Godcousins), Clarke, Avery, Thomas and Victoria (Maternal Honorary Family)

Future Family: Jacob Salvatore (Husband), Daniel Mikaelson (Secret unborn Son via Nathaniel), Angel Salvatore (Daughter via Jacob), Niklaus Mikaelson (Step Father), Hope Mikaelson (Step Sister)

Is Closest To: Tatia Mikaelson

Occupation: Assistant

Diet: Human food

Secret: Nikolina's identity at first/her affair with Nathaniel resulting in their son

Most Prized Possession: A Charm Bracelet Nathaniel gave her when they first started hooking up

Loyalty: To her friends and family

Partner In Life: Clarke Parker

Soulmate: Avery Gilbert

Shoulder To Lean On: Angela Mikaelson

Other Half: Tatia Mikaelson

Partners In Crime: Victoria Donovan

Side Of The War: Netrual but will do whatever it takes to protect the ones she loves

Likes: truth, being right, longtime friends and teasing

Dislikes: dishonesty and revealing secrets

Interests: shopping, fashion, boys, having fun and hanging out with friends

Greatest Fear: losing the ones she loves most

Deepest Desire: wants her children and grandchildren to grow up in a world away from fighting in wars or losing loved ones to death

Strength: resourceful, brave, passionate, and can be a true friend

Weakness: stubborn, distrusting, jealous and secretive

Power and Ability: none (at the moment)

Motto: come what may

Character Quote: "if you hurt my friend, you and me we're going to have issues"

Extra: Angela lives everyday with the Memory of Tyler in her heart

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