How I Got Fat

My name is Dave, I'm a 14 y/o bisexual male.

Chapter 2

Going Home

by: Dav3

Once I was all ready to go, we drove to the airport. I was still pretty full by the time we got to the gate, but the feeling of being stuffed had receded. And it was a long time until we would be home so I figured I should eat a a good meal because there wasn't much in the way of meals on the plane. My mom gave me $40 to go buy something (everything is expensive in NYC lol) so I headed over to the nearest food area. There was a good looking pizza place next to an ice cream place... perfect! As I was thinking about all of that food, I started to feel a bit hungry. When it was my turn to order my pizza, I decided to get 4 slices of this Alfredo pizza with cheese on it (I don't like red sauce) and a 16 oz orange sofa that looked really good. Forgetting about the ice cream shop, I got a chocolate chip cookie and a interesting looking caramel brownie. $30! Wow... that's a lot of money but I still have enough for ice cream thankfully. I no longer feel full, so I quickly eat all of the pizza, chug the soda and start on the cookie and brownie. Wow they were good! My sweatpants were starting to feel pretty tight despite the elastic waistband, but I still wanted ice cream. I got up with a little difficulty due to my stuffed stomach. I had $10 left... I could get a triple scoop waffle cone dipped in chocolate for $9. I wasn't sure if I could finish all of that, but it was cheap so I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. I bought the giant cone (chocolate ice cream of course) and sat down. The chocolate shell was still warm and kind of soft which tasted great. I was halfway through the second scoop when I started to feel painfully full. I took a few deep breaths and resumed stuffing the ice cream into my mouth. It would be a shame to waste perfectly good food! I finished the third scoop but still had the eat the cone full of ice cream. Oh god I thought my stomach would burst! But it tasted so good... I finished off the cone and wiped my hands and mouth on a napkin. My shirt was riding up a little bit, exposing an inch or two of my flabby stomach. I tried to pull it down but it just rode back up. I sat there for a while rubbing my huge stomach, not sure if I would be able to stand back up. After about 15 minutes, I was feeling better so I got up and slowly walked back to our gate. When I stood up my shirt just barely covered my stomach. Checking the time, I saw that we had over an hour until we were scheduled to board. I decided to go to the bathroom to see if I looked as stuffed as I felt. Looking in the mirror, my tight shirt showed to outline of my stuffed stomach. It stuck out about 4 inches and when I sat down, it stuck forward about 3 inches over my pants and almost rested on my lap. With some difficulty I got back up and walked back to the gate. I knew I should hate myself for getting fat, but strangely I felt better now that I was fatter.

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