How I Got Fat

My name is Dave, I'm a 14 y/o bisexual male.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: NYC

by: Dav3

Hi everyone, my name is David but most people just call me Dave. I'm 14 years old currently. I have always eaten pretty well and play sports quite a bit, so as a result, I am fairly skinny and in decent shape. Most of my friends are also in shape. I am super excited that school is out, now I get to hang out with them and go to the pool all the time. My best friend, Thomas, is really good at football so we practice together a lot. He is also hot, which is probably why I always want to hang out with him. The amazing thing is he is also super nice, unlike a lot of the hot guys. I was kinda sad when I had to leave to go with my parents to New York City. After we got there, though, I forgot all about him and my other (less hot) friends. I love big cities, with all of the food and activities and even just seeing all of the different people. Oh my god the food was awesome! I like to bake a bit, but never make anything fancy so it was amazing to see all of the cool pastries and decadent cakes. I'm pretty sure I tried some of every single pastry and cake in NYC. And of course, since its a big city, we ate out for every single meal that week. Lots of rich creamy pastas and huge sandwiches, and let's not forget what NYC is famous for- the pizza. I never knew pizza could be so good! And of course, after every meal, a big heaping portion of dessert. Chocolate cakes, lemon meringue pie, souffles, pastries, and a whole bunch of other fancy treats I can't name here. All of the food went straight into my stomach! We did quite a bit of walking around the city, but nowhere near enough to burn the thousands of excess calories I was consuming every day. By the end of the trip my once somewhat loose fitting jeans were getting very tight. Before, you could make out the faint outlines of all of my muscles. Now, all that could be seen was the curve of my stomach and my butt straining at the seams of the pants. I no longer needed the belt and I'm not sure I could buckle it without sucking in my softer stomach. Since my butt and thighs had received most of the new fat, I looked kinda curvy which is strange since I am a boy. The last morning of our trip, I headed down to the breakfast buffet at our hotel early so we could get to the airport in time. I also managed to beat the crowds, only a few people were there. The tray with the french toast had just been refilled with hot toast and nobody else was there to eat it. Not wanting it to get cold, I took about twice as much as I would normally eat and drenched it in syrup. Moving down the buffet table, I added a few "small" heaps of whipped cream. Looking around, I spotted some chocolate chips and strawberries soaked in some sugary liquid. I dumped a few spoonfuls of those on the side and put the chocolate chips on top of the whipped cream. Then I saw the mini pastries. They looked pretty good and there were a lot of flavors so I grabbed one of each to try. Sitting down at my seat, I started to dig into the french toast. It was so good! Soon I kind of sunk into a routine- grab whipped cream and strawberry, cut off a piece of french toast, and shovel into mouth. After my 5th piece, I started to slow down. I was pretty full, but I was raised not to waste good food. Taking a deep breath, I dug in. After finishing the last 4 pieces, I was completely stuffed and my pants were squeezing my stomach really tightly. It was kind of painful to breath, but I surprisingly felt good and I still really wanted to try the mini pastries. There were 6 of them... but they just looked so good! Picking a raspberry cream cheese danish, I took a bite and instantly forgot about being stuffed. I quickly polished them off and started to go for seconds. I had already eaten so much I could surely hold a little bit more... right? This time, I just grabbed a few of each of my favorites and was heading back to my seat before noticing a waiter bringing out some key lime pie. Hmm... a nice tart pie would be a perfect way to finish my meal I thought to myself. I walked slowly over, not wanting to make my swollen stomach move around too much which really hurt. The key lime pie was already sliced so I had to take 2 plates. Struggling to hold all of the desserts, I sat back down and scarfed down the pastries. It really is true, I thought. A healthy dose of butter makes everything taste so much better! Sitting back for a moment to rub my bloated stomach, I picked up my fork and started eating the pie as fast as I could. When I finished, I could barely stand up. When I bent over to grab my phone, the button of my jeans burst off with a loud pop and my stomach settled with more room. I tried to pull my shirt over the top of my pants to cover up my underwear, but you could still sort of see what had happened. Going to our room as fast as I could, I yanked my pants down with some effort due to my large butt and thighs. Since I was lazy and waited on taking a shower until this morning, I turned on the hot water and took off my shirt. My stomach definitely did not hang down over my underwear, but it clearly stuck out an inch or so. I could pinch a small handful and when I bent over, I had a few medium sized rolls. Bending over, I clearly covered to waistband of my underwearThankfully, I didn't have moobs but my nipples were bigger. My butt was larger and jiggled in just my underwear. My thighs also were slightly jiggly and nearly touched. I kind of wished I was still skinny, but I felt much better with some more weight on me. Sighing, I climbed in the shower.

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