Personality Disorders

These are signs of personality disorders. If you want to repost, place an x in the boxes which you agree with. It's scary that I fully agree with ppd and bpd although irl I have BPD. Love you all xx ♥

Chapter 1

This is a title.

Avoidant personality disorder 

[x] you have low self esteem. 

[x] You have a fear of embarrassment that results in avoidance of new activities. 

[x] You retreat from others in anticipation of being rejected from them. 

[ ] You have a preoccupation of being rejected or criticized in social situations. 

[x] You yearn for social relations yet you feel you are unable to obtain them. 

[x] You have created an imaginary world for yourself to escape your loneliness. (In a way) 

[x] You often appear self-involved and unfriendly to others. 

Score: 6

Paranoid personality disorder 

[x] You usually shift blame to other people. 

[x] You are very distrustful and rely more on yourself than on others. 

[x] You search for hidden meanings in everything and read hostile intentions into the actions of others. 

[x] You're consumed by anticipation of betrayal of friends/families/etc. 

[x] you are quick to challenge loyalties of friends and loved ones and try to avoid close relationships. 

[x] You often appear cold and distant to others. 

[x] You tend to carry long grudges. 

Score: 7

Borderline personality disorder 

[x] you are prone to constant mood swings and bouts of anger. 

[x] You'll often take your anger out on yourself by injuring yourself or you even attempt suicide. 

[x] You have low self esteem. 

[x] Your relationships with friends/family/bf/gf are quite unstable. 

[x] You are quick to anger when your expectations aren't met. 

[x] You're very impulsive. 

[x] You think in black and white terms. 

Score: 7

Narcissistic personality disorder 

[ ] you take advantage of others. 

[x] You require excessive praise and admiration. 

[ ] You have a lack of empathy. 

[ ] You exaggerate the things you did so others see you as superior. 

[ ] You are picky with choosing friends since not everyone deserves to be with you. 

[ ] You have a grandiose sense of self-importance. 

[ ] You make a good first expression but you have difficulty maintaining long lasting relationships. 

Score: 1

Schizotypal personality disorder 

[ ] you were told that your mannerisms or appearance is odd or eccentric. 

[] You believe you have an extra sensory ability or that an unrelated event relates to you in some important way. 

[x] You were told that you have an odd way of thinking or that your speech patterns are difficult to follow. 

[x] You often appear shy, aloof, or withdrawn to others. 

[x] You have difficulty concentrating for long periods of time. 

[ ] You seek isolation from others. 

[x] You have feelings of anxiety in social situations. 

Score: 4

Obsessive-Compulsive personality disorder 

[ ] you are overly focused on orderliness and perfection and not very flexible. 

[x] You tend to get caught up in the details and miss the bigger picture. 

[x] You avoid making decisions because you fear making mistakes. 

[x] You often have difficulty expressing emotions. 

[ ] You avoid working in teams, believing others are too careless or incompetent. 

[ ] You aren't very generous with your money or time. 

[x] You set unreasonably high standards for yourself and others and you tend to be very critical of others when they do not live up to these high standards. 

Score: 4

Antisocial personality disorder 

[ ] you lack remorse for harm done to others. 

[ ] You tend to steal, lie or have other criminal behaviours because you believe your victims are weak and they deserve to be taken advantage of. 

[x] Your decision-making is rather impulsive and irresponsible. 

[ ] You are much more concerned with your own needs than the needs of others. 

[ ] You don't care about the feelings of others. 

[x] You are usually very aggressive. 

[ ] You disregard the safety of yourself and others. 

Score: 2

Histrionic personality disorder 

[ ] you NEED to be the centre of attention. 

[ ] You dress or act provocatively in order to get attention. 

[ ] You are overly-dramatic and your speech is theatrical. 

[ ] You exaggerate friendships. 

[ ] You are manipulative. 

[ ] You think everybody loves you. 

[ ] Your emotions change rapidly and are shallow. 

Score: 0 

Dependent personality disorder 

[x] it’s very difficult for you to make decisions. 

[x] You might cling to people because you fear losing them. 

[x] You have bad thoughts when someone rejects you. 

[ ] You often feel helpless and/or depressed when you're alone. 

[x] You get deeply hurt by mild criticism or disapproval. 

[x] You're really submissive. 

[ ] You jump from relationship to relationship. 

Score: 5

Schizoid personality disorder 

[x] you don't show much emotion. 

[ ] Your interpersonal skills are weak. 

[x] Some people call you a 'loner'. 

[ ] You don't seek relationships with others and prefer to be alone. 

[ ] You don't show a need for acceptance and attention and you are unresponsive to praise or criticism. 

[ ] Your desires are low.

[x] You often appear to others as remote, aloof, humourless and unengaged. 

Score: 3


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