ABC+ Repost

Hey! Welcome to my repost ♥ I love you all.

Chapter 1

ABC About me

A-available: Yup.

B-birthday: October 3rd 

C-crushing on: My bestfriend 

D-drink you last had: Coffee 

E-easiest person to talk to: Myself

F-fave song: Hard choice…maybe…Tears Don’t Fall by BFMV

G-gummy bears or gummy worms: Neither, thanks.

H-hometown: Somewhere in England. 

I-in love with someone: No, love is just chemicals.

K-killed someone: Does ripping the head off my teddy count J 

L-longest car ride: 8 hours.

M-milkshake flavor: Any 

N-number of siblings: 2

O-one wish: To die or live happily – either sounds good. 

P-person that called you last: My therapist lmao 

R-reason to smile: Music 

S-song you last sung: Don’t remember. 

T-time you woke up: 10:30am

U-underwear colour: Black 

V-vegetable: Pepper

W-worst habit: Cracking knuckles/other joints

X-x rays you have had: Head, wrist, chest…think that’s all 

Y-years living where you live: just over 1 

Z-zodiac sign: Libra

Spell your names without vowels: lc – oh wow

What color do you wear the most: Black

Least favorite colour: Pink

What are you listening to: Capital UK 

What’s your favorite class in school: Art maybe

When do you start back at school: Monday 4th June

Are you out going out with someone: Nope

Favorite pair of shoes: Ankle boots

Can you dance: Naw 

Can you tie a cherry stem in your mouth: Who can? 

Can you whistle: Nope 

Cross your eyes: Yup

Walk with your toes curled: Easy peasy

Do you believe in life on other planets: Most likely

Do you believe in miracles: Nah

Do you believe in magic: Nope

Love at first sight: No, love is just chemicals

Do you believe in Santa: Nope

Do you like rollercoasters: YES

Have you ever been on a plane: No actually

Have you ever asked someone out: Nah, but I’ve been asked out 

Have you ever been asked out by someone: See above 

Have you ever been to the ocean: Yes 

Have you almost drowned in the ocean: Nope but I’ve almost drowned in a swimming pool

Temperature outside: Imma google it

Radio station you listen to: It varies

Last thing you bought: Food.

Last TV show you watched: The News lmao

Who was the last person you took a picture of: My ex-bestfriend…L 

Ever cried your heart out: sighs Yeah....I no longer have a heart

Ever cried on a friends shoulder: Yup 

Cried over the opposite gender: Maybe 

Cry when you get an injury: Sometimes

Do songs make you cry: Sometimes 

Are you a happy person: Nope 

Current hair colour: Light Hazelnut

What are you wearing: Skinny jeans and a black top. 

Eye colour: Blue

Short or long hair: Collar bone length 

Height: 5ft 6, possibly stopped growing


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