Second In Line

Dominic Calore, the second doppelganger, including Silas, in the entire world. Born three years after Freya and Finn Mikaelson, Dominic was raised in the same village as the two, until Freya was taken and Dominic was told to stay away from the Mikaelsons. However, When Elijah was born, he was allowed near Esther to help her out. It's been a thousand years since.

This is his story.

Chapter 1

Was Once Always.

The first thing Dominic could remember was being held by a little boy. He couldn't be too much older than 3, Dominic realized later. The boy ended up being Finn Mikaelson, the first son born to the Mikaelson clan.

That was the only time they had gotten along, really. Dominic got along with Freya better, but she randomly disappeared a few days before Esther (known as Freya and Finn's mom) went into labor with another son.

Dominic witnessed the birth of Elijah Mikaelson, and that was the last time for a year that 2 year old Dominic was allowed near the Mikaelson family.

Whenever he asked why, he was told it was because they were dangerous for the time being. He didn't really know what it meant, so he just shrugged it off. Freya was gone anyway and he didn't like Finn and he didn't know how to take care of a baby (Elijah) so it was no big deal to him.

A year after Elijah was born, Tatia Petrova was born. It was then Dominic was allowed near the Mikaelsons, for the sake of Esther and Dominic's mother, Sigyn hoping that Dominic could keep Finn and Elijah out of trouble, which was when Dominic gave Elijah the nickname, 'Eli'.

Mikael had never particularly liked Dominic, but Dominic didn't like him either. He was nice to him when Freya was around but when she disappeared, the man he saw as a second father started acting cold.

Regardless, Dominic helped Esther out with Elijah while Finn went hunting with Mikael.

Elijah quickly became like a little brother to Dominic, while Finn grew more distant with the two.

Esther got pregnant again three years after Elijah was born, and Dominic, at the age of five, was left wondering why she kept making kids when Mikael was cold with the ones he had already.

Mikael was away more often than not, so Finn and Dominic were left helping Esther as Elijah was too young to properly help out without making a mess.

Elijah and Dominic only bonded more over the months she was pregnant, all the way up until Niklaus was born.

It's not as if Dominic had any real problem with Klaus, he was just a kid. He just didn't like that he had the same nickname as him. 'Nick/Nik', but the only person who called him that was Sigyn and Maven (his father) so it was fine.

Elijah and Dominic were forced to spend more time apart because Elijah officially started helping out with Klaus and Dominic's father started him on hunting/training.

Dominic altogether stopped coming around when Niklaus was four months and Elijah was four years old, which made Elijah upset but he didn't saw anything to the six year old.

It stayed that way up until Kol was born two years later, when Finn was eleven (three years older than Dominic), Dominic was eight, Elijah himself was six, Klaus was two and Kol a newborn.

Dominic, who had promised to always help Esther out with her newborns, came back to help out with Kol. Klaus wasn't too fond of Dominic because he not only spoiled Kol, but distracted Elijah from giving him attention.

Elijah thought it was quite hypocritical that Dominic spoiled Kol when he got mad over Elijah spoiling Klaus, but said nothing in order to not cause a fight.

Kol became attached to Dominic quite quickly as Dominic was never seen without him. It was quite foolish of Elijah to be jealous of his baby brother, but Elijah had just one friend, since Finn wasn't around him much, and Kol had pretty much stole him away.

As time went on, Dominic did in fact get closer to Elijah once more and even helped him develop a bond with Kol himself.

By the time Kol was one, Klaus was three, Elijah was seven, Dominic was nine and Finn was twelve, Esther had gotten pregnant yet again.

Dominic actually asked her that time how she kept making babies, to which she shushed him and sent him away with a 'You'll see eventually'.

Nine months later (in which Dominic had turned ten, and a new year started), Rebekah Mikaelson was born.

Dominic never particularly had a bond with Rebekah as he did any of the other Mikaelsons, but the Mikaelson boys quickly took to spoiling her.

Those who could, anyway. Kol was still sticking to Dominic's side as he felt replaced by Rebekah as the baby.

The Mikaelsons and Domonic grew up fairly normal besides Mikael abusing Klaus and Esther having yet another baby named Henrik but other than that, they were as happy as can be. Dominic remained inseparable with Elijah and Kol, even though Elijah and Kol themselves weren't that close. Kol and Dominic even learned and activated their magic at the same time.

Domonic, age 19 (going on twenty) and Tatia Petrova, age 17 eventually had a child out of wedlock, right before Elijah and Klaus both took an interest in her.

Domonic felt guilty about the fact he wasn't allowed to tell Elijah about it, but he did mention it to Kol in passing and granted him the option of being his godfather.

Kol was only eleven at the time so he accepted without thinking much of it, excited at the idea of taking care of another baby until Dominic reminded him that he and Tatia would have to die first for Kol to officially take Elliot as his own but Kol brushed it off teasingly with a shrug.

Tatia's family forced her to give the child away to Dominic fully which was fine with him considering he wasn't the biggest fan of her anymore because of her love triangle with Elijah and Klaus.

Dominic committed to raising Elliot in secret for all of their safety while still finding time to be with his second family.

His own parents of course weren't much help so he went to Esther when he had questions and she promised to keep his secret.

When Elliot was eight and Dominic was 28, Dominic's father passed away and his mother demanded they move. He couldn't support Dominic on his own so he knew he had to go with her, and sent Elliot to spend the night at Tatia's as every mother deserves to see her child once in a while, while he spent his last night with the Mikaelsons and confessed everything to Elijah, who was upset he didn't know before now at first but soon after accepted that his best friend had his reasons and forgave him.

Klaus and Henrik had mysteriously disappeared, but Dominic decided not to question it since he was really only there for the two that grew on him like little brothers, Elijah and Kol.

Dominic prepared to leave early the next morning and was only stopped by the sound of Niklaus screaming for his mother.

He, Rebekah and Esther ran outside before Kol, Elijah and Finn had the chance to get up. He wasn't a big fan of the blonde but he still didn't like the fact he was getting hit by his father, that's what he assumed it was anyway.

He did not at all prepare for the sight of Niklaus carrying a dead Henrik to his mother.

He stopped midway to the duo, turning and throwing up before he could think anything of it.

Kol stopped by his side when he, Finn and Elijah finally made it out, staring in horror at his crying older brother and deceased younger one.

Before Dominic had a chance to comfort his honorary brother, he heard his mother calling for him.

It was that moment, the moment that Dominic left right after Kol found out that his brother died, that Kol first felt betrayed by someone and held a grudge against him.

Dominic, Elliot and Sigyn moved to another village three villages away from Mystic Falls (As it would later be known as) and Dominic found out the real reason they left was because Sigyn had gotten pregnant with a child by a werewolf.

Out of rage, Dominic took Elliot and left, saying he'd support his son any way he knew how and cloaked himself so that his now disowned mother couldn't find them.

He held a grudge against her for a year or so before finally tracking her down and accepting her, his newborn baby brother and the man she had chosen to marry back into his life because like it or not they were the only family that Dominic had left now that he had to leave Elijah and Kol behind.

Months passed and Dominic was never fully happy because he didn't have all his loved ones back in his life, but he was satisfied at the very least.

Up until June 12th, at least. He had went hunting and came back late at night to see the village in ruins. He rushed to his home in shock, hoping his son at least had gotten away.

What he saw was much different.

There stood Rebekah Mikaelson, feeding on his son's lifeless body.

She lifted her hand and turned towards him once she heard him, but didn't quite recognize him because she honestly never paid attention to him before.

She went to attack him, though Dominic gave her multiple aneurysms as he felt vengeful and full of rage.

Suddenly, he was flying back into the ground after someone had put a hand on his shoulder and flung him.

He quickly stood up to see it was Klaus, in all his bloody glory.

He wasn't quite sure what he said because he was angry, but if you ask Rebekah, she'd tell you exactly these words, "Ah, Dominic. I saw your mother here, wondered where you were. I can tell you where your mother is, at least." with that smirk on his face that meant trouble.

Dominic snapped Klaus' neck without a second thought, causing Rebekah to scream out of fury, with attracted the attention of Finn, Elijah and Kol.

The older two held her back while Kol stared at Dominic in disbelief, though unfortunately the two couldn't have a peaceful reunion since yes, Kol's family had just slaughtered Dominic's.

"Dominic Calore." Finn spoke, looking him up and down.

Elijah finally looked at him and slowly approached him only after making sure Rebekah was contained.

That was the first time the two shared a hug in front of everyone, and it only lasted shortly before Kol went off on a rant about how Dominic abandoned them with Henrik died.

Dominic cut him off by questioning where his little brother was, and suddenly there was a look of guilt on Finn's face as he turned away to face the woods instead of Dominic.

Kol, finally demanding an explanation as to why Dominic left, tried to distract from his siblings' obvious guilt. Sure, they had all killed the town but it was Rebekah, Klaus and Finn who had killed Dominic's family.

Dominic felt numb as he explained why he left, and Klaus woke up by the time he was done.

He shot up out of anger, going to attack Dominic before being pushed back by Kol, who had forgiven Dominic in the short time it took to explain why he abandoned his honorary brothers.

The two got into a bit of a brawl until they were both bleeding and Kol pushed Klaus into Dominic, who started bleeding himself when Klaus' head hit his nose. They both ended up falling over, but Dominic ended up piercing himself on a piece of wood, a fatal wound.

He didn't die immediately, as Elijah was by his side in a second, wiping the blood (which had been mixed with Klaus') from Dominic's face and apologizing over and over again until Dominic died.

Kol and Elijah didn't put it up for argument when they agreed they would carry Dominic with them until they found a proper burial spot for him.

Hours later, Dominic woke up with a terrible ache for food and surprised the lot of them, though he eventually just ended up traveling and feeding with them up until they met Lucien, Aurora and Tristan, which is when he parted ways with them, only keeping in contact with Elijah and Kol.

From that day forward, not only was he the first heretic, He Was Once Always.

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