My trip to the Pokemon world

This is a work in progress story that I uploaded on Deviantart. I haven't uploaded anything on Quibblo for a while so I felt like I need to get something.
The original story has cuss words but I'll edit them out. I just made this for fun too. This didn't actually happen (although I wish it did).
Just a warning too; this story has blood and gore in it so if you're stomach is weak then don't read. Also don't read this story if you are sensitive about your favourite characters dying.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The arrival

Chapter 1: The arrival(Warning: Not for the faint hearted. This isn't any regular journey. This is going to get serious really quickly. If you are sensitive to blood, gore and deaths of favourite characters; you'd better turn away.)

After a long and hard year of work I decided to take vacation to a place I always wanted to check out. Kanto. It wasn't easy to get in there since I look like a terrifying dragon. Of course, I had to rely on my human form to get past any civilisation. I made it to Pallet Town where I can get my first Pokemon so I could battle my way through the tall grass. Although I had no interest in the Pokemon League, I would try it out if I felt like it.
I arrived in Pallet Town and I am surprised people call this a "Town" when there is only three buildings, I guess the big one is the Professor's lab. I walked into the lab to find Professor Oak standing next to a bench with one Pokeball sitting on it.
"G'day, Oak." I shouted.
"Oh, hello sir. How can I help you?" Prof. Oak replied.
"The name is, Nick. I need a Pokemon to take with me so I can travel to my new house. Can you spare one?"
"You're just in time, Nick. I have one left. I had three but my grandson and his neighbor took the other two. I only have Bulbasaur left." Oak said while picking up the remaining Pokeball. He then released it in front of me.
I looked at the Bulbasaur and he looked freindly enough to take with me. "He'll do." I said.
"Would you like to give him a name?" Oak asked.
"I think I'll name him Jerry. There's nothing special about the name but it's better than nothing."
"You take care of him now." Oak explained "There aren't many Bulbasaurs around here."
"I'll do my best" I told him. However I couldn't promise him anything. I'm a dangerous man to be around. But I didn't tell him. "Thank you."
"Take care now" He said as I left the lab with my starter.

I walked into the tall grass with Jerry. We encountered a couple of Pidgeys along the way but Jerry dealt with them with ease despite the type disadvantage and low level. By the time we got to the next town he was at Level 8. However after leaving the grass, we were jumped my some Team Rocket grunts. Jerry was still under leveled and couldn't deal with all of them. So with our loss we were captured and taken to their hideout. Jerry and I were separated in different rooms and I hoped that these guys wouldn't hurt him. Oak would try to kill me if his Pokemon ended up getting hurt.
I was taken to a dining room with the one and only, Giovanni sitting on the opposite side of a small table.
"Well, well, well. You brought us a nice Bulbasaur in your first moments in Kanto. We were watching you when you came here." Giovanni taunted.
I fiddled with my restraints "That Bulbasaur isn't yours. C'mon, i had him for about 5 minutes and you came in and ruined everything" I looked around and noticed that there wasn't anyone looking but Giovanni.
"Well, you won't get him back. You trained him a bit there too so it's a benifit, so thank you"
I laughed "Oh wow! 3 levels! That's a huge benifit! Grow up, Giovanni! Anyone can do that!" I continued to fiddle with the restraints.
"Well, it saves us some work!" He yelled
"What's wrong? Is training something that low leveled too hard for you?" I teased. After a bit more fiddling I stopped.
"SHUT UP!!! I am, Giovanni! Leader of Team Rocket!" He yelled as he stood up.
"So what? You may have beaten me in a Pokemon battle but if we got in a fist fight, I'd kick your arse" I said to his face.
"Good luck fighting while restrained" He sat back down. "How about I get my Rhyhorn in here to beat you senseless" He threatened
"That wouldn't be fair." I paused. "Go ahead then. It's a good thing that I'm not really tied up." I grinned
He took that as a bluff "Nice try but you are restrained. My grunts made sure of that"
"Well you should fire them" I lifted up my hands to reveal that the restraints aren't there anymore "Because I'm not"

Before he knew what hit him, I grabbed his head and bashed it repeatedly against the table. Giovanni was knocked out cold as I dropped him on the floor with some blood oozing out of his head. Even though he was unconscious I said to him "Maybe next time, capture someone who isn't trained to undo binds."

I snuck my way out of the room and into a hallway. I avoided as many grunts as I could and knocked out anyone if I had to. I walked by a room where Jerry was held and I saw Jerry being trained to fight Pokemon trainers. I decided to leave him as I wasn't prepared to fight them all so I pressed on. Eventually I found my way outside then I started running as far away as possible. But while running, something caught my eye. I saw three grunts and a Blastoise gathered in one spot while hearing them laughing. I got closer to see them kick around a Charmander. The poor creature looked beeten up enough but the grunts didn't stop. The Blastoise did most of the damage.

I yelled "Hey! Pick on someone your own size!"
They turned and yelled back "This doesn't concern you, old man!"
"Yes it does. You beat up this Charmander enough. Leave him alone or you'll regret it."
They laughed and one approached me "Or what? Arrest me? hit me... kill me?"
Immediately I threw a punch directly to his throat. The impact shattered the bones in his neck and couldn't breathe. He started to choke and struggle then eventually fell to the floor, dead. The other two grunts stood there with their jaws dropped in shock. The Blastoise ran off, he must have belonged to the dead guy. Another grunt attempted to release his Pokemon at me but I tackled him to the floor and started punching him in the face repeatedly. I heard screaming behind me so I looked at where the scream came from. I saw a Haunter stealing the soul off of the other grunt. The grunt's souless, dead and pale body collapsed on the ground dead. I turned back to the last grunt and grabbed his throat to strangle him. I held my grip as hard as I can until eventually the grunt passed out. I stood up then I stomped on his head hard enough to crack open his skull.

I picked up the Charmander to find that he is knocked out. He had a large gash on his snout and a broken rib. Why are team Rocket so cruel? i thought to myself. I asked Haunter to come with me and he nodded. So I took both the Charmander and Haunter away from the hideout.

That's the end of chapter one. Let me know what you think. The next two chapters are finished already so you can read them right away. The fourth chapter will come very soon.

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