My wishes

This is just a story about what I would wish for if shooting stars granted wishes

Chapter 1

Good things in my life lasted longer

I wish the good things in my life lasted longer than they did. I once had such a great friend. But deep down she held a dark secret that when it was revealed, it destroyed our friendship. She was the first person I ever loved that wasn't a family member. I cherished my time with her till Cancer took her away. Life ends I know that, but I wish happiness didn't have to. She isn't the only good thing that ended for me.

My dear friend Yuri was my very first friend I ever had. He was a strong, independent, loyal, and brave person who I wanted to be like. He taught me to never give up on my dreams, to strive to be great at everything I did, and to fight for what I believed in. His father died in the war in Ukraine. Yuri was born there and their family moved here to united states fearing war was coming. MY friend Yuri went back to join the Ukrainian army. He died fighting for his country.

Even small friendships that make me happy never last long. Is it me? Am I the reason that happiness in my life seems to fall apart? Or maybe I am not meant to keep the happiness, but to only taste what it is like to be happy.

My wish is that happiness and the good things in my life would last a little bit longer.

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