Just In Case You Were Having A Bad Day, Here's a Story About The Funniest and Most Embarrassing Moment That Happened To Me Today

I really hope this makes someone laugh

Chapter 1

I accidentally turned our neighborhood pool into a scene from Girls Gone Wild

As many of you know, I'm pretty much a mermaid. I love to swim and I'm a very strong swimmer! I used to hold records when I did summer swim team. So after church, Jordan, Daryl, and I decided to head out to the pool. I made the mistake of wear a one-piece suit with a halter top part, that you tie at the base of your neck. I thought I had tied it nice and tightly, enough to hold in my curvy-girl bust. Needless to say, I did not.

So I always dive in off the board as soon as we get to the pool. I go off like normal, my "olympic" dive and come up on the other end of the deep end, where it's so shallow I can touch bottom (Yes, I can dive and stay underwater the whole length of the deep end). I come up, brush my bangs out of my face, and stand there for a minute.

Half the people at the pool are staring at me, jaws on the ground, others pointing and/or laughing. I turn around, and the cute lifeguard can't take his eyes off me, and I'm not sure whether he's embarrassed or enjoying the view. -_- Jordan is frantically waving his arms from the other side of the pool. Finally, I realize that I can't feel the halter strap tugging on my neck anymore, and I see the top part of my bathing suit floating in front of me.

Both of my boobs are completely exposed. Like completely flashing everyone at the pool, Girls Gone Wild style.

At light speed, I dive back under the water and frantically try to retie it. I fumbled with it until I was out of breath, and came back up, hugging my top part as tightly as I possibly can, and lurk over to the ladder, where I finally manage to get it retied.

Jordan and I left almost instantly. I'm tempted to never go back to that pool again out of embarrassment, possibly flee the county while I'm at it haha. I really hope I made someone laugh reading this, and comment some of your embarrassing stories! We can all laugh together XD


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