Let The Games Begin

Let The Games Begin

Pretty Little Liars (A Love Story)

This is originally fictional, please keep rude comments to yourselves and thank you so much for you time


Chapter 5

Angel DiLaurentis

The next morning I woke up and blinked because Wesley wasn't next to me but then I found the note

"Had to leave early, didn't want to get you in trouble; see you at school...love Wes"

I smiled and place the note in my nightstand along with all of the old notes Wes left me while we were at school in New York together, some of them more private then the others

I grabbed my phone and texted Wesley I'd see him at school before I climbed out of bed and got ready for my day

Jason dropped me off at school 15 minutes later buying us breakfast on the way no longer happy in that house

I hugged my older brother thanking him for the ride before heading inside and walked over to my locker

I smiled seeing Melissa and Wesley waiting for me, I hugged my best friend before kissing my boyfriend as Daisy, Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer rounded the corner

"Morning" they said as one kind of freaking Wesley, Melissa and I out a little

"Morning" we said back before we all headed into English class...my favorite of all my classes and not just because it's the only one all three Fitzgeralds are in at the same time

Wesley took my hand as we sat waiting for Ezra to begin his lecture

"I thought we could do something different today so instead of reading poetry we'll be reading a Shakespearean play" Ezra said walking into the room

He handed out copies of a list of plays

"We'll read one each month and we won't stop until we've read them all...the plays will be extra credit though as you will also have other homework as well, so let's get started" Ezra said with a smile

I had read a lot of Shakespeare growing up while away in England, even acted it out with Alex when bored enough so I wasn't to worried about getting a good grade

Later I sat at a diner with my friends, Wesley ordered cheese fries so I was picking away at them while trying to figure out which play Ezra would decide to start with

"I have to tell you guys something" Aria suddenly said causing us all to look at her like she had a third head or something

"Ezra and I are dating but no one is supposed to know because if word got out he could be fired and arrested" Aria said

Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Daisy nodded but seemed confused a bit as Wesley, Melissa and I just sat there

"Your secret is safe with us" Wesley said causing Aria to smile

I'm not sure I want to add A, I feel that's board line between Real PLL and Originally Fictional PLL, which we want

Wesley agreed to drive me home and I smiled so happy I'd get to spend more time with him

"Hey Angel" I heard as I stepped out of Wesley car the moment we arrived at my house

"Hey Melissa" I said turning with a wave as Wesley climbed out of the car as well

Melissa walked over to us and smiled

"Melissa this is Wesley, my boyfriend" I said honestly

"It's really nice to meet you" Melissa said

"You too" Wesley said as Ian joined us between the Hastings' house and the DiLaurentis' house

"Oh right, Wesley this is my fiance Ian; Ian this is Wesley...Angel's boyfriend" Melissa said

Ian and Wesley shook hands causing Melissa and I to smile

"Oh my god, I just had a great idea, why don't the four of us have dinner tomorrow...I'll cook" Melissa said randomly

"Oh Melissa that's ok you don't have too" I said honestly not to offend her but to spare her the trouble

"I insist" she said

I glanced at Wesley before he walked over, wrapped an arm around my waist and said

"We'll bring the dessert"

I blinked I knew how to bake, I just hoped Melissa wouldn't find that insulting

"Great then it's settled, tomorrow night, 7 o'clock at the barn" Melissa said as Ian wrapped an arm around her waist too

"Sounds awesome" Ian and I said together causing the four of us to smile

When Melissa and Ian walked away I pulled out of Wesley’s arms

"Why would you insist we bring dessert?" I asked

"It seemed like the right thing to do, don't worry we'll bring something good that won't over stage dinner" Wesley said with a reassuring smile

I smiled back before allowing him to pull me into his arms once more
We shared a hug and a kiss before I had to watch him leave his mother insisting he be home with his family for dinner

I waited til I couldn't see Wesley’s car anymore then headed inside to join my family for dinner wishing Ali were with us too

After dinner I was upstairs working on my homework when Melissa and Daisy came over to hang out

I hugged my friends before finishig the last of my homework then turning on a movie for the three of us to watch

"Someday we'll be sisters just like the three girls in the movie" I said as Melissa, Daisy and I lay down on my bed and fall asleep

I smiled really liking that idea

When I woke up next it was three o'clock in the morning to use the restroom

I threw a blanket on Daisy who was shivering laying so close to the window as she was, I pushed Melissa gently back onto the bed as most of her was hanging off and I turned off the TV as to not disturbe my friends who were sleeping so peaceful

I then walked to the restroom

5 minutes later hands washed I returned to my room to find Daisy and Melissa had been moved to my pull out couch bed where they lay still fast asleep, I then noticed Wesley lying on my bed half asleep

"You have to stop sneaking in" I said lying down next to him

"I can't resist seeing you...I don't sleep well on my own anymore" Wesley whispered pulling me closer to him

"Ok but just sleep, right because your little sister's only a couple of feet away" I whispered back

"Just sleep...though I must admit I'm tempted to try, make it a challenge, how long could we go before she woke up...you think they'd mind?" Wesley whispered moving his mouth closer to my ear

"I think they would if they woke" I said trying my hardest not to giggle really intrigued by the though of the challenge...the thrill of maybe getting caught

"Next time, its almost 4 and we have school in a few hours we should get some sleep" I said before turning to kiss him goodnight

Wesley kissed me back before I turned back around, pressed myself flat against him, smiling as his arm wrapped around me as we turned to our sides and intertwined our other hands together above our heads under our pillows before falling asleep

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