Let The Games Begin

Let The Games Begin

Pretty Little Liars (A Love Story)

This is originally fictional, please keep rude comments to yourselves and thank you so much for you time


Chapter 32

Angel DiLaurentis

I parked our rental car in front of the building Alex and I had found Alison in the other night, climbed out, locked the car and headed up to the fifth floor before knocking

When the door opened I noticed Noel standing in front of me

"I came to take Ali home" I said honestly

"And the liars?" Noel asked

"Alex is going to pick them up later after she let's Spence know Ali's Alive" I said honestly again

Noel nodded before allowing me into the apartment

"Ali, your sister's here" Noel called out as we walked into the living room

Alison came out a few minutes later holding a suitcase with a jacket over her wrist

"I'm all set, did you tell anyone back home we were coming?" Alison asked smiling at me

"I told Jason I had a mind blowing surprise for him...that would be waiting for him when he got back from work" I said honestly causing Alison to nod in understanding

We shared a hug which caused me to smile before Alison said goodbye to Noel and I thanked him for taking care of my little sister

we then left the apartment before walking back downstairs to place Alison's things in the car

"Tell me about your boyfriend" Alison said after we placed her things in the trunk and climbed inside

"I'm to in love with him to give you a fair description...you'll just have to judge for yourself" I said honestly once more before pulling onto the freeway, heading back to the hotel

Maybe we could have a little breakfast before my friends. AlIson and I had to head back to Rosewood

"I'll keep the fact you love him in mind" Alison said causing me to smile which caused her to smile back

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