Let The Games Begin

Let The Games Begin

Pretty Little Liars (A Love Story)

This is originally fictional, please keep rude comments to yourselves and thank you so much for you time


Chapter 3

Daisy Marin

The next day, Hanna walked down the stairs with mona and I blinked, wondering when she had come over.

"Hey, Dais." The two chorusrd before mom came down.

"Good morning ladies." Mom said, pouring herself a cup of coffee. I followed her lead before we all left the house.

"What's on the agenda for today?" Mona asked.

"I'm going to Spencer's to study." Hanna said.

"Are you going too?" Mona asked me.

I blinked before shrugging.

"I'll probably go next door." I said since I was on a higher level than Hanna, Emily, Spencer and Aria and I'd much rather be around Angela and her family than Melissa Hastings and hers, not including Spencer.

"I'll be by myself." Mona dramatically sighed.

"You'll live." Hanna and I said together before Mona left for her locker and Hanba left to find her friends.

I quickly found Angela and Melissa and smiled as I approached them.

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