Let The Games Begin

Let The Games Begin

Pretty Little Liars (A Love Story)

This is originally fictional, please keep rude comments to yourselves and thank you so much for you time


Chapter 2

introduction (there's a little bit of smutt)

I’m what’s known as the Unknown DiLaurentis and I have been to a few boarding schools just to prove it.

The first boarding school I went to was when I was 10 and was sent off to England to live with some family friends.

I was actually happy to attend that school, it’s where I met my cousin Alex, everyone thinks she’s evil just because of the bad things she would eventually do but back then I met the kind misunderstood girl that was thrown away like “trash” because no one wanted her.

With her being the unknown Drake and me being the unknown DiLaurnetis we became quick friends and remained rather close till I was shipped off back to the states when the school was shut down due to an unexplained fire

The second boarding school was in New York, I was 12 and not the happiest with my family at the moment seeing as mom and dad only sent me away this time hoping I wouldn’t turn out like my older brother Jason who wasn’t really interested in anything but listening to his punk rock at the time.

I had the best 4 years of my life at that school; I made some really good friends and even found a boyfriend by the name of Wesley Fitzgerald….who was a fun spirited young man that came from a rich family but craved a normal teenage life and thus would get in trouble rebelling against the life we were given

A few days before my 16th birthday however I got a phone call from Jason telling me Mom and Dad were thinking of transferring me home to Rosewood High School

I hated my parents for that but I hated them even more for what Jason told me next

“Alison has gone missing and is presumed dead….Mom says it’s no longer safe for you to be out in the world on your own” Jason said

I told him I understood then cried as the call was dropped not only out of worry for my little sister but in sadness about having to leave New York

My tears did not compare to Wesley’s through when I told him the next day I had to be heading back home because my sister has gone missing and I was needed there

We promised to keep in touch and shared one more hug before I headed home

My summer sucked but at least I made a couple new friends, there was Spencer and Melissa who lived next door…I blinked seeing how much Spencer looked like Alex and it really made me miss my friends more

Summer passed and Sophomore year arrived

I walked into the school and blinked as Spencer walked over to me with a group of girls behind her

“Hanna, Daisy, Aria and Emily….this is Angel, she’s Ali’s Older Sister” Spencer said

“Hi” they all said

“Hi” I said

I then headed to the main office to get my locker assignment and class schedule

While I was waiting my turn I met another new girl or who I thought was a “new” girl until she turned to leave the room

“oh my god, Melissa” I said

“Angel, oh my god…hi” she said before we shared a hug

“what are you doing here?” we asked together as I hugged her back

“my brother just got assigned to teach English here…I had to beg mom to let me transfer, just to be in his class” Melissa said

I giggled at her words before grabbing my schedule and locker assignment then turning back to my friend and saying

“lucky you, I was transferred here by my parents because they don’t think it’s safe for me to be out on my own anymore now that my little sister has gone missing and might actually be dead”

“I’m sorry to hear that….how did Wesley take it?” Melissa asked as we left the office and headed to first period English class where Spencer, Hanna, Daisy, Aria and Emily were

“not well…Melissa this is my next door neighbor Spencer, her friends Aria, Emily, Hanna and Hanna’s sister Daisy” I said sitting down in the empty seat

“hi nice to meet you” Melissa said honestly

“you too” the girls said before Melissa’s older brother Ezra walked into the room

A couple of weeks later I walked into English class and blinked as Wesley leaned against one of the desks in the front roll talking to Ezra

“Wes” I said trying my hardest not to scream in excitement

“surprise” he said with a smile

I smiled back before running into my boyfriend’s arms allowing him to hug me, hugging him back as Melissa, Daisy, Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily entered the class room

“Sorry to interrupt but I have to start class” Ezra said

Wes and I nodded before promising to pick up where we left off later and pulled apart

Ezra allowed Melissa to hug her other brother hello real fast before the three of us sat down and Ezra started class.

At lunch I sat with my friends next to Melissa...she was the only one who wasn’t shocked I had a boyfriend, maybe that's because its her brother

"Hey you" Wesley said walking over and whispering into my ear

"Hey yourself stranger, sit down" I said turning to him with a smile

"Not until I get a proper hello" Wesley said flirtatiously

I nodded, stood up, placed his tray on the table next to mine, promised my friends I'd be right back, grabbed Wesley’s hand and walked with him back into the now deserted hallway before pushing him up against one of the lockers then leaned forward to kiss him

Wesley kissed back with a smile before he took my hands in his and switched our positions so now I was leaning against the locker as the kiss was deepened

"Can't do this here" I said pulling back for air

"I've been kicked out for worse" Wesley said

I blinked but nodded my understandIng then allowed him to kiss me again

A throat cleared behind us a moment later and we pulled apart to find Ezra standing there

"Don't make me dump ice down your pants" he told his little brother with a smile trying hard not to laugh at the imagery in his mind

"We were just...we'll continue this later" Wesley said after turning to glare at his older brother

I nodded

"Shouldn't you to be at lunch?" Ezra asked

Wesley and I nodded

"Then go" Ezra said

Wesley squeezed the hand he was holding seeing as the other one he was holding had moved to his hair, his shoulder and then his waist as we went along before we were interrupted

I lead Wesley back into the lunchroom and we took our seats amongst my friends before digging into our semi cold lunches

After school Spencer invited Aria, Emily and Hanna over to the barn in her backyard

She then invited Daisy, Melissa and I to come along as well

"Spencer has the most awesome sister...she's in college and engaged to be married" I said to Melissa

She seemed Interested in meeting Spencer's sister so we all agreed to go

"Melissa this is Melissa Hastings, Spencer's big sister and one of my best friends" I said introducing my two best friends as we arrived at the barn

"Hey" they said together with a smile before shaking hands

"Um this is Ian...my Fiancee, say hi sweetie to Spencer and Angela's friends" Melissa said

"Hi" Ian said

I smiled I kind of remember hearing about a guy named Ian from somewhere but I let it go and shook his hand in greeting

Spencer's mom invited everyone to stay over for dinner, we agreed and had Italian taken out with the Hastings

After dinner Melissa, Daisy and I walked to my house wanting the Hastings girls to have their alone time with their friends

"Hanna has known Aria, Emily and Spencer since Alison made them all friends in the 5th grade" Daisy said sitting in one of the porch chairs

I nodded my understandIng, Ali made them someone if not to the world then at least to each other and more importantly themselves

"It's always nice to have friends" Melissa said sitting next to Daisy causing me to smile

"So let's make a pact, no matter what happens next; the three of us will always be friends" I said sitting on the step inbetween my two friends

"I'm in" Melissa said

"Me too" Daisy said

I smiled

Daisy had to leave with Hanna five minutes later and Melissa had to head home too after all she did have a controlling mother constantly texting her

"I'm glad you and Wes found each other" she said hugging me

"Me too" I said honestly hugging her back

When my friends were gone I headed inside to hear my parents talking in the kitchen

"It's been 3 months maybe we should just hold a funeral" mom said

I blinked poor Ali, mom was giving up hope of finding my little sister

I sighed then headed upstairs

I knocked on Jason's door before opening it and saying goodnight to my older brother

Jason hugged me before I left his room and walked to mine

As I stepped into my room I got several texts from Aria, Emily, Hanna, Daisy and even Melissa Hastings who were all shocked I had a boyfriend...I figured Spencer told Melissa before deleting the texts all but Daisy's then texting her the details, how we met in a boarding school in Manhattan, how we instantly fell in love, how much his family actual loved me unlike the girl his older brother was supposed to marry before he pulled away from the family and moved to Rosewood.

I could of told her more but I had just meet Daisy should I really be sharing secrets of my intimate relationship with her though she was slowly becoming on of my best friends

I opened my window watching as Melissa Hastings sat outside the barn staring at me

"One day we'll tell each other everything as best friends should" I promised

She nodded as if she could hear me and we sat enjoying the night air for a while before Ian called her inside and I decided I needed to take a shower

I left my window open knowing it was still a little warm for September air and headed to the bathroom

Once in the bathroom I hung my robe, turned on the water and waited for it to get warm before climbing in

As I showered I thought of Wesley, missing him so much in that moment, it got so hot in my head I missed hearing the bathroom door open

I blinked but smiled as Wesley climbed into the shower and pulled me into a very heated kiss

"I did promise we'd continue this later" Wesley said pulling back for air

I hummed in understanding and anticipation

"Did you lock the door?" I asked

He nodded

"And your family isn't gong to worry about you?" I asked

"I took care of it" Wesley said

I nodded pulling him into another kiss before we enjoyed our shower and each other's company

An hour later I stepped out of the shower, Wesley not far behind me before I handed him a towel

He wrapped it around his waist before helping me place on my robe

I tied my robe in place before leading the way out of the bathroom and back over to my room

Wesley and I got redressed...I gave him some sweats he could wear to bed before we turned off the light and lied down

"I've missed you so much" we whispered together sharing a smile

We shared an "I love you" as Wesley pulled me into his arms and we fell asleep

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