How Her Life Fell Apart

Ruby is a young woman, getting a start in life. She has always lived in an up and down world, this is the story of how she fucked over everyone without anyone knowing.

Chapter 1

Where We End Up

by: Janere
It's a Friday afternoon, and I have gone out to have a quick cigarette while Diane is in with a client. I look down at my phone to see Christine is calling me, "that's odd" I thought to myself.

Christine is my boss and she never comes in on a Friday. I wonder why she is calling me now. I answer, "Hello, Christine?"
"Hi Ruby, just wondering where you are?"
"I Just ducked out for lunch I'll be back in a second. What's up?"
"I'll see you when you get here, come to my room."

I quickly put out my smoke and I get this feeling in my stomach like something really bad is about to happen.
I walk back into work and make my way to Christine's consult room. The door is open, and she looks pissed, I feel my stomach drop, I know everything is about to come out, I know my life is about to be ruined, I wanted to run and never come back.
"sit down and close the door." she says in a stern hard voice. A voice I have heard once before.
This is it. It's over. I'm caught.

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