Did You Ever Stop To Think?

Did You Ever Stop To Think?

This is a poem I wrote about trying to keep ourselves close to God. And that when people are doing bad things like murder and other things like that. It's about that we're hurting God and driving ourselves away from Him. He will never leave us. But we leave Him. I'm also not trying to preach to anybody. I'm just trying to get some of my poetry on here so I can see what others think. I know many people may not be believe in God. And that's okay! I'm just writing for fun! PLZ No rude comments!

Chapter 1

Let Us Stay Closer To God!

Robber did you ever stop to think that when you lie and steal

That you leave a deep wound in Jesus heart that may never heal?

Murderer did you ever stop to think when you hold a gun to someone's head

That you've left the path that Jesus wanted you to tread?

As human beings we forget God and drive Him away and throw ourselves into the brink.

As human beings we lose our conscience and forget our values with God because we never stop to think!

God Loves You! And Can Heal All Wounds! Trust Him! And Stay Close To Him!


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