The Giant

The Giant

Re-awaken the Giant... and surivive!
Edward Richtofen has a plan and the very means to travel through Time and Space, but why?
'Tank' Dempsey, Takeo Masaki and Nikolai Belinski are on his trail, but are they too late to stop or join him?

Chapter 1

The Giant

by: Cozy_Glow
The creature that had been 'Fluffy' the dog growled and snapped, trying to tear free of its' chain and get to the humans. Samantha began sobbing and crying, loudly, her tone full of despair and fear. Maxis held her with one arm, shielding her from the dog, and beating the teleporter door with his free hand.

"Edward! What are you doing?!" he yelled. "Open this door! Edward! Open this door now!" he looked down at his daughter. "Stay by me, Samantha!"
The girl looked up at him, tears flooding down her cheeks. "Dad…"
"Goodbye" the man outside the door smiled. "Doctor Maxis."

The teleporters' lights grew brighter, until it engulfed the screaming, howling occupants. With a flash, the clock in the main courtyard stopped at 1:15 and the telelporter began its' cool down process. With a malicious and maniacal laugh, Richtofen stood before the teleporter, but his joy was cut short by a loud click of a gun. Curious, he turned to look over his right shoulder and saw the glint of a gun and a tall man standing behind him. The man reminded him of something, but what, he could not quite put a finger on.

"This isn't funny, Doc" he growled.

From the right, within view of the first man, Richtofen saw a bigger man step from the shadows, shotgun in hand and aimed.

"Turn around" the big man said, accent Russian.
"Slowly" another voice added.

Richtofen turned his head to look over his left shoulder, spying a small, Asian man jump through the window and approach with light footstep. Together, the three men met behind the Doctor, eyes and guns aimed at the man. Slowly, Richtofens' glaring green eyes rolled over them as he turned on his heel. He straightened his back, looking angry and full of pride, his glare was icy and dangerous.

"Do you know… who I am?" he sneered, loudly.
"Yeah, we know" the first man sneered in return, American accent angry. "That's why you better do exactly what we say."
The Doctor straightened his clothes with a sharp, downwards pull.
"A great evil approaches" the Russian looked at the man with a slight plea. "There is a chain of events that must be set in motion."

Suddenly, a distant howl of dead men sounded. The three men exchanged a look of surprise, before, with a few eyebrow raises, the separated to cover the area: the Russian to the windows, the American to the doorway, taking out the twin pistol. The Asian looked back to Richtofen, eyes wise and old beyond the years counted on his face.

"The future hangs by a thread" the man continued, stepping closer, his accent Japanese. "You must awaken the test subjects."

The shrieks and howls of the dead men grew closer, more feverish. The Asian drew with great pride from its' sheath, a mighty katana that held the aura of ancient battles and honour. The teleporter began to spark and crackle with lightning, alive once more. Richtofen stared at it with wonder, as the Asian circled to keep him in view and distance. Something was coming in, one way or the other.
For two seconds, there was silence, then the horrible tearing down of boards, the screams of the undead and a shotgun to the head. The Russian fired shell after shell into the intruders as they tried climbing in through the window. Takeo quickly shot off to attack any who dared near the platform, leaving the German Doctor unwatched. The man quickly and calmly went to the control panel, curious of what would be inside the teleporter. He clicked some buttons to release the lock and the teleporter accepted with a loud be-deep. The America, who was in the midst of killing and surviving, struggled to turn around to see the Doctor.

"Richtofen!" he shouted, finally able to turn. "Whatever you're thinkin' of doin': DON'T do it!"
"You do NOT want to meet what's on the other side of that door!" the Russian yelled.
"You cannot begin to comprehend the great EVIL you could unleash!" the Japanese man added.

With one gloved hand and a smile of 'I-don't-care', Richtofen pressed the bright, red button to open the door of the machine. The door gave a hiss as it released the lock, Richtofen stepping quickly around the controls to stand before the teleporter, face alight with curiousity, joy and evil. The doors slowly opened, revealing thick mist and a brilliant light that shrouded a figure inside. It was a man, no doubt, strong and squared at the shoulders, and tall.
A shin-high, brown leather boot stepped out of the mist, thudding on the metal platform, before the rest of the man stepped out from the mist, a divine being with an unwavering purpose. The man had slicked back black hair and eyes green as emeralds, full of loathing, anger and unparalleled purpose. He did not look at Richtofen at first, but when he did, the eyes blazed with hatred.
Richtofen was too excited to notice, taking off his Stasi hat as the other stood before him, an arms reach away. He stood straight, drinking in the sight of the younger man with his eyes. It would be the last thing he would ever see. In a flash, the younger man had pulled up a gun, aimed it straight and fired a shot. With a bang, crack and a splat, Richtofen was dead, his lifeless body thudding to the ground. The young man looked down on the body, before manuvering to stand beside it.

"DAMMIT RICHTOFEN!!" the American shouted. "I thought we were done with this!!"
"What can I say, Dempshey?" the young man said, German accent calm, kneeling by the body. "Things change."
"Only a fool would dare to change history!"

The Russian reloaded his gun, sighing relief the hordes had retreated for the moment. He looked hard at Richtofen as the man approached to stand by him, the Japanese man and Dempsey following after the German.

"I am no fool" Richtofen replied, evenly. "What I do… I do only to secure a better tomorrow."
"Yeah?" Dempsey cocked his guns, looking down as the zombies began advancing again. "Well, lets see if we live to see it."

With a shriek from the zombies at the door, the four men leapt from the balcony, the katana slicing the way.


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