Heartless Monster

Attacked. Abused. Hurt. Broken.
Are you even human?
Can you feel anything at all?
Why can't you just leave me alone?

Chapter 1

Heartless Monster

by: Lawli_pop
You hurt me, you break me, like you do every day
You laugh and you point, I hear every dãmn thing you say
You push me, you bend me, it won't be long 'till I'm dead
You say that you love me, and point a gun to my head

You drag me through the darkness and yell if I can't see the light
My existence seems pointless, and yet I still put up a fight
What am I doing all this for, and can I ever get away
From the torture that you put me through, and the pain that you call "play"

You throw me, you hit me, but you tell me that you care
You say you will protect me, but it's like you're never there
You pin me on the floor and tell me not to make a sound
I do exactly what you say, and if I don't you'll kick me down

Why do I keep on fighting, when I know that I can't take much more
And why am I still standing when I should be lying dead on the floor
What's the point of living if you can't stand on your own
And what's the point of giving if all you've got are broken bones

You love me when I don't want it and you hurt me when I do
You treat me like some kind of puppet that you can do what you want to

I'm barely holding on to any sanity still here
But I think it's just all for naught when I see you grab another beer
Why don't you understand that I'm human just like you
I can feel and I can hurt just like all other people do

You grab me by my hair before you drag me to the floor
Oh god, please not again, I just can't do this anymore
But what am I supposed to do, it ain't like I can just leave
It hurts, just listen, stop it, I'm begging you, please

I sit alone on the white carpet now stained in crimson blood; the smell of you still lingers, it disgusts me. My ears ring with your voice and my own screams and I wonder if anyone could hear me. If they could, they probably don't care. It's not their problem after all. This happens daily, they're probably used to it by now. And you... What am I to you anyways? You... You are a heartless monster, and I'll never see you as anything else.
I hate you.


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