What is Your Love?

by: Ephemeral_Eternity

Welcome back, my fellow Quibblonian. I have been on a very long hiatus and I apologise. I have been occupied with studies for university - but otherwise, I've simply not been in the mood to do so. ^^;

Which one of the four loves is the most predominant in you? Take the quiz below to find out. Please rate and comment on this quiz...share it with your friends too, if you like it.

  1. 1

    In a life-or-death situation, whom is the most worthy of your help?

  2. 2

    What do you personally believe is of utmost importance?

  3. 3

    Think of someone...anyone, right now. Who pops up in your head first?

  4. 4

    Describe the word "love" in just one word.

  5. 5

    Pick the quote that you agree with most.

  6. 6

    What do you fear in love?

  7. 7

    In a life-or-death scenario, whom would you kill, that is also important to you? (Be honest.)

  8. 8

    Whom do you feel the least content around, on a regular basis?

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