WWFFY: Scars part 7

WWFFY: Scars part 7

by: Kajacola

Recap: You going to a party at an old friend of Kyle's house.

  1. 1

    You arrive at the house. Big trees lining the well kept street. It isn't flashy like the club the other party was at, it's elegant with dark brick and pillars. You all get out. "I like the look-

  2. 2

    You all go up together. Minnie answers the door. "Kyler!" she squeals, hugging him, "I'm so glad you came. Timothy, look who's here!" Timothy, one of the football players in a letterman-

  3. 3

    "Let's split up!" Megan exclaims. She drags Rod off. You feel horrified as the group starts to split up. Nico, Andy and Daniel don't move yet. "Geez this is intense..." Andy says. "Yeah. It's kind of-

  4. 4

    After drifting aimlessly through the part for a bit, you stop at the snack table. You lost Andy and Nico a while back... probably when you passed the pinball machine and foosball table. There's a boy-

  5. 5

    The boy laughs and waves for you to follow him to the couch. You sit next to eachother. "I'm Bennett, by the way," he says. "I'm __," you say. "So, tell me about the West side," he says.-

  6. 6

    You guys continue to chat for a while. Eventually he looks at you and asks, "Do you wanna get out of here?" "Uh. I, uh. I probably should stay. My rides here," you stutter. "Then we can just take a-

  7. 7

    You two walk a little more, stopping under a clear area where the moon is visible. "You're so pretty in this light," Bennett says. You look at him and smile shyly. He leans in and you two kiss. It's-

  8. 8

    You take off the jacket and hand it to Bennett before beginning to head back. Bennett grabs your hand. "Wait. Here's my number," he says, handing you a paper. You grin and go back.

  9. 9

    Everyone besides Megan and Rod seem very disgruntled as you all pile into your cars. End of Part 7!

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