Today's Pop Hits: Lyric Quiz

by: jiminhoshi
  1. 1

    Which of these songs is NOT on Taylor Swift's "1989" album?

  2. 2

    What song are these lyrics from: "Now my momma she told me don't worry about your size?"

  3. 3

    Finish the lyrics: "Make me your Aphrodite, make me __________."

  4. 4

    Who is "Exes and Oh's" by?

  5. 5

    Finish the lyrics: "Like a small boat on the ocean. Sending ________."

  6. 6

    Who sings the song "Honey, I'm Good?"

  7. 7

    Which One Direction song has these lyrics: "If you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms."

  8. 8

    What is the name of 5 Seconds of Summer's second album?

  9. 9

    Who sings "Hotline Bling?"

  10. 10

    What song has these lyrics: "It's not the end of the world, yeah we've all been there before."

  11. 11

    What song is this from: "I know you know that I made those mistakes maybe once or twice."

  12. 12

    Who sings "Stitches?"

  13. 13

    Which of the following songs does Taylor Swift NOT have a video for (as of January 3, 2016?)

  14. 14

    What's the name of the song that Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj did together?

  15. 15

    What song is this from: "I'm in my marquise diamonds; I'm a marquise diamond."

  16. 16

    What is the name of Adele's comeback single that is at #1 for the week of January 9, 2016?

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