WWFFY: Scars part 5

WWFFY: Scars part 5

by: Kajacola

Hope you enjoy!

  1. 1

    You and Rev stop by your house in the morning to change clothes. Luckily your father has already left for work. "I'm late for work. Let's go," Rev says.

  2. 2

    Despite your complaints, Rev takes you to school. You find your seat next to Megan and Andy. "Morning," they chime. Before you can say anything, the intercom blasts, "Goodmorning. Today we have the--

  3. 3

    You make your way down to the caffeteria with your class. With everyone in the school shuffling in it's a bit hectic. You get to sit near the front, being a freshman. Megan keeps chattering about the-

  4. 4

    "Eh ehm. Students of West Hill, I am pleased to announce the homecoming game this upcoming Friday. As you know, the tradition..." the vice principal drones on and on. You nod off, having had an-

  5. 5

    You all are released to your second period classes. Afterwards, you meet up with the others for lunch. Megan sits. "So, who are you all asking to homecoming?" she asks the boys. Vince, Kyle and Leo-

  6. 6

    "Come on guys, this is the biggest event of the semester!" Megan whines. "Why do you care? Don't you have that what's his face? Ron?" Kyle says. "Rod," Megan corrects, annoyed, "And I care because a-

  7. 7

    The boys all seem interested in Megan's suggestion. "Well, I mean, If you NEED a date..." Vince starts. Daniel elbows him as Kyle slaps the back of his head. "Oh that's okay," you say, awkwardly.-

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