expedables 1 and 2 quiz (the movie :D)

by: hammer03

character quiz!!

  1. 1

    who does slyvester stallone play in both films

  2. 2

    who plays christmas

  3. 3

    who finishes the letters on barneys tattoo that spells "the expendables"

  4. 4

    who is bitten by a king cobra in the second movie and causes the cobra to die (lol!!)

  5. 5

    in the first movie what does lee christmas say to the guy that hit lacy after kicking his butt

  6. 6

    whos (in the second movie) nickname was originally the nickname of a old west outlaw

  7. 7

    which of the expedables had worked together in stallone's earlier years as enimies(rocky four-rocky balboa and ivan drago)

  8. 8

    sorry that last one was random but i thought you should know ivan and rocky are buddies in the expendales 1 and 2, now who plays trench

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