secrets and steam (multiple choice story\ personalities quiz hybrid )

secrets and steam (multiple choice story\ personalities quiz hybrid )

by: Blood_of_the_first_Men

Feel free to tell me what do you think of this quiz - all constructive criticisms are welcom. The first two questions are are about your real life .The rest are your decisions about what will happen and what will the main character do
the story take place in a fantasy world
The main character(person with the same gender as yours) have been raised from his uncle, without knowing nothing about his parents. Every time (s)he ask about her\his parents the uncle dont tell him anything

  1. 1

    your favorite foods

  2. 2

    your style of clothes

  3. 3

    the main hero is looking for a job.What will you pick

  4. 4

    what special abilities do you have?

  5. 5

    what weakness do you have?

  6. 6

    what is your uncle doing for a living

  7. 7

    you get the job you want and now you work on a big steamship.A storm is coming while you are at sea

  8. 8

    An awkward situation from your childhood come to your mind.What exactly is it?

  9. 9

    your ship sank, but you and some other passengers survive.where are you now?

  10. 10

    you can pick some weapon what would you pick

  11. 11

    you talk with the survivors from the castaway.One ask you what is your favorite smell

  12. 12

    how do you describe your love life

  13. 13

    you learn about an oracle and decide to go to see him.what is the tereine you must cross

  14. 14

    what monster you have to fight

  15. 15

    are you ready to hear what the oracle will told you

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