Watch Me Burn (WWYFF)? 3(Preferably For Girls)

by: Green_Girl2

I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY LONGER. THERE WILL BE VIOLENCE. Oh, i hv pics ;). Enjoy and have fun.

  1. 1

    ~For a few more minutes~ "Finally we're here," chuckled Charlie. "I call first dibbs," Charlie cried out. Charlie started running and stopped for a little while to open the door.

  2. 2

    Next thing I knew I was thrown onto an old couch. Charlie climbed on top of me until Raine slapped him off. "Remember our bet, a-sshole," Raine asked. Charlie groaned in defeat,"You get first call."

  3. 3

    Raine grinned as he turned to look at me. His silver grey eyes grew dark as he spoke,"This is going to be fun." I got up and ran away from him. I didn't hear him, so I turned around to look for him

  4. 4

    I saw nobody there and I smiled until two strong arms grabbed me. I found sharp pain in my arms and heard a deep sexy voice,"Don't worry, I just want to see you bleed."I gasped as I realized its Raine

  5. 5

    As I gasped, he flipped me over to make me look at him. His grey eyes are dark and desire something. "Don't scream or else," he said darkly. He took out his pocket knife and flipped it open.

  6. 6

    Cliffhanger!!! I love torturing you guys.... oh I'm sick in the head XD. Alrighty love ya.

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