The Harry Potter Sorting Hat

The Harry Potter Sorting Hat

by: Eunoia

You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart. Their daring, nerve, and chivalry set Gryffindors apart; You might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal. Those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil; Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you've a ready mind. Where those of wit and learning will always find their kind; Or perhaps in Slytherin you'll make your real friends. Those cunning folks use any means to achieve their ends.

  1. 1

    Someone pulls a nasty prank on you. What do you do?

  2. 2

    You have a big exam tomorrow. How do you feel the morning of the test?

  3. 3

    You are locked out of a room. You cannot use magic to open the door. What do you do?

  4. 4

    Two of your friends are having a dispute. Friend #1 calls Friend #2 dumb. What do you do?

  5. 5

    Are you competitive?

  6. 6

    A friend calls you to ask you for help with a project. Right away, you know that the project would probably take up a lot of your time. What do you do?

  7. 7

    You see student being beaten up by another student. What do you do?

  8. 8

    A classmate borrowed money from you last week, but they still haven't paid you back. What do you do?

  9. 9

    You promise to tutor a friend, but your crush asks you out on the same day. What do you do?

  10. 10

    Which house do you want to be in? (The Sorting Hat listens to your preferences)

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