Which SandWing Sister are You?

Which SandWing Sister are You?

by: NikkiMcCloud

Three sisters fight for the throne of the SandWings- Burn, Blister, and Blaze. Which one is most like you?

P.S. The answers are obvious. Oh well.

Art by RhynoBullraq on Deviantart.

  1. 1

    Do you have siblings? If yes, what do you think of them?

  2. 2

    What's your relationship with your parents?

  3. 3

    Let's say you were fighting for a throne. Who would you ally with?

  4. 4

    You really want that throne. What do you think of your torn tribe?

  5. 5

    You win the war! What do you do to celebrate?

  6. 6

    There's a quintet of dragonets that actually have the power to choose the SandWing queen. What do you think?

  7. 7

    The dragonets have chosen one of your sisters to be queen. How do you react?

  8. 8

    The dragonets have an item that will make anyone who holds it queen. But they're handing it to your sister. What do you do?

  9. 9

    Your brother really likes this dragon, but your mom hates her and is planning to kill her. What do you do?

  10. 10

    Your dream collection consists of...

  11. 11


  12. 12

    This is the last question. Who do you think you got? (I rigged this question a bit...)

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