What Doctor Who companion are you?

What Doctor Who companion are you?

by: SmithIsMyDoctor

Which Doctor Who companion are you most like?

Using companion options from 2005-2014.

  1. 1

    A new friend is injured, but your being chased down. What do you do?

  2. 2

    The Doctor gives you the choice of picking your next destination. You;

  3. 3

    The Doctor leaves you, so you can be safe. You;

  4. 4

    You are allowed one weapon. You may need it to defend yourself later. You choose;

  5. 5

    Someone flirts with The Doctor, distracting him. You;

  6. 6

    You have one word to describe The Doctor. You say;

  7. 7

    Oh no! Your being chased by 5 Daleks! You;

  8. 8

    Your family back home needs you. You;

  9. 9

    The Doctor asks "Would you like to go home?" You say;

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